How To Check For Global Methodology In A School?

Mathology of School

In today’s competitive era, every parent wants their child to be best in the competition, in respect to sports, academics, cultural activities, etc. whereas, every child wants to learn or gain knowledge beyond books and classrooms and much more infield and practically. Parents keeping these criteria in mind, choose the best education institute for their children to get shaped and ready for the competitive race of future and success. This all criteria can be found in schools with global methodology and many schools are adopting this education system for betterment in learning for their children. Global education methodology is an education system that merely focuses on child development with developing skills, personality and developing character traits to become a civilized individual and perform best in the world. To find a school with a global methodology, you should always check for

  1. Stem Education With Practical Learning– STEM is an education syllabus or program, where subjects like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are focused more on terms of the rapid civilization of technology in the world. Many schools have adopted this curriculum but more in a theory way, where students fail to grasp knowledge with a certainly expected efficiency. Schools with global methodology use this curriculum in a more practical way to make learning fun and easily adaptable for students.
  2. Weightage To Students Personality Development And Grasping Power– apart from knowledge gained from academics, it is also important to develop skill and interest in sports, research, extra-curricular activities, games, arts, etc., and additional individual focus towards students to match a particular grasping power in class can create a student a better runner for life.
  3. Hostile Environment Around School– A friendly environment around school from teachers and staff, create a comfortable space to study and be more creative for students, which is also important for a school apart from learning. Individual focus and friendly relation of teachers and students can encourage a student to love education or going school every day with positive energy.
  4. Shaping Individual For Becoming A Better Citizen– Every parent or every citizen of a nation expect a school to be a place where children can come into the real world as a better citizen with morally and overall knowledge needed to live in a society with others. Discipline and moral education is the most important feature a school should focus to shape their students before they step out of the real world.

These are four basic but important criteria to check for schools with global methodology, so you can enroll your child’s admission in a better education institute.

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Tips To Prepare Your Children For An Excursion Or School Trip?

School Trip

Every year different schools plan an excursion or one-day return trip for students, which is mostly based on their educational syllabus or leisure, which depends on the school authorities. Many institutions believe that students should gain practical and field knowledge apart from academic knowledge taken by teachers on a daily basis. As, according to a child development study and research, children tend to grasp the knowledge quickly in practical teaching as compared to teaching in the classroom, which can be found in excursions or field trips. There are many cases where children have faced incidence or accidents after lots of care and supervision handled by the authorities. In such cases, school authorities are blamed for not taking good care of their children, but in some instances, children should understand or gear up on what to do or not on a school trip, which can be taught as moral education by parents. So if you are reading this, it’s the right time to prepare your children well in advance before they head for an excursion or school trip.

The four basic and most important tips you can offer your child to prepare are,

  1. Get basic information about the trip – It is important for children and parents to know the purpose of the trip and to gain insight into what training or safety to be gain or taught before going for the trip. Parents should gain overall information from a school on departure to the expected arrival and extra-curricular activities done during the trip.
  2. Prepare a personal first aid and safety kit– schools or teachers on the trip carry basic first aid tools for children from antiseptic to bandage. But in a crowd of more than 20-30 students. Sometimes teachers fail giving attention to a student during situations like minor accidents or getting separated from the class. So to embrace such cases, parents should set up a personal first aid kit box for children with a child’s basic information setup on a card and making them understand the particular use of this when any situation arrives.
  3. Train your kids with moral values – This is the most important factor to be taken care of before any school trip. Children should know what is right or wrong in the world outside school and especially when it comes toa school trip. So as a parent you should make your children understand the rule of strangers, whom to seek for any help, whom and what to obey and how to take care of yourself. These moral values can set up peace and relief in the sense of parents before sending their kids for the trip.
  4. Stay connected with school – Parents should get in touch with teachers who are assigned on the trip and have a word with them prior to 2-3 days of the trip and get in a discussion about things to be taken into consideration with your child for this trip.

These tips can surely give a bright sense of security and personal care in your children to be taken care of during an excursion or school trip and even a sense of relief and peace for parents who can safely and willingly send their children for the school trip.

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How To Help A Struggling Student In A School?

CBSE School

Not everyone was born to be the smart kid who comes first in his or her class. Not everyone was born to understand chemistry or write poetry. Every single kid is different and unique. They have their talents. Their strengths and weakness in school subjects vary from one another.

Though the A grade students are always being praised, the B grade students are always being encouraged to do better, the grades below are struggling to achieve the rank that will identify them as ‘smart’.

As adults, we should come forward and help them out instead of pressurizing them and continuously tell them that they are not good enough.

How to Help Such Students?

There are several ways to help these students but first, you have to be patient. Identify their strong and weak areas and have to understand why they are having a problem.

Once, you have figured that out you can proceed. If the students are good at certain subjects, you should praise them, they will feel confident about themselves and this will help them with the weaker areas. Do not force him or her to excel in a subject he or she is not good at that, this will only give them unnecessary mental pressures. Be gentle, talk to them about the subjects they dislike and ask them why. Understand their difficulties and then try to teach them in their way, something that will help them grasp the topics well.

Try to maintain a routine and an improvement chart, always encourage them, tell them they can do it. Tell them that it is okay to not excel in all the subjects, this will give them comfort and they will not tire themselves out while proving themselves. Tell them that they can be the best in their own ways.

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Impact of Pollution on School & Kids


With the increase in carbon emission, deforestation and plastic waste in water bodies, pollution is putting every life on this planet in danger. The forests are burning, marine animals are suffering, different species of animals are getting extinct, humans are suffering, newborn babies are born with abnormalcy and little school kids are suffering.

How is pollution having an impact on school kids?

Air pollution is the only pollution that has the majority of the impact on school kids. You will be wrong if you think that air pollution is only outside, well air pollutants are indoor as well.

During their growth years, kids spend the majority of their time in school and the school’s indoor air, especially if the building is old, is very concerning because these buildings are a perfect habitat for molds. Moreover, bad ventilation system, water leakage, and pet infestation increase the problem.

We know this sounds absurd but the air quality has a huge impact on kids’ attendance. Breathing in impure air can cause asthma and as well allergies which can worsen the health of the kids and hence their academic performance can deteriorate.

The air pollutants inside the school buildings not only increase the rate of asthma problem but also other respiratory problems and can decrease a kid’s concentration level.

Why does air pollutants affect kids more than adults?

Kids do not have strong lungs, their lungs are underdeveloped and thus they are sensitive to the health problems that air pollution causes. Indoor air pollutants also affect the development of the nervous and the immune system in kids and also the development of the endocrine glands.

Kids also catch a cold and flu very easily and it spreads among them because of their weak immune system which is also the reason why airborne diseases spread among children.

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