What Is Holistic Development?

Holistic Development

The education sector is emphasizing a lot on overall education nowadays as it seems to be very necessary for newer generations such that they excel in all the fields and not only in academics. They have been many debates concerning the overall development of the students by schools and colleges. Holistic development for overall development takes its roots from the school and continues into college. Firstly, parents are responsible for initiating the holistic development of a child. As soon as a child goes to school, teachers start sharing the responsibility of the holistic development of the child.

For a child to develop fully, there are a lot of things that should go hand in hand. The government also has taken many steps and has imposed many rules and regulations on the educational institutions for ensuring holistic development. Most of the schools right to discipline the children and try to focus more on academics which is not at all a positive for ensuring holistic development. Apart from academic, there are many areas which need focus and attention. Schools are coming up with a balanced schedule that has academic and other areas in balance sites that every student can develop all the skills that are necessary for the future.

Why Holistic Development Is Important?

Most of the parents and teachers think that only academics is the key to building a secure future and force the children to study only. Is this alright? Well, it’s not alright at all as only academics is not the key to building a bright future. Every child is intelligent but it’s not necessary that the intelligence can be proved through academic performance. Every child has different talents and interests. the teachers and parents should try to explore that talent and interest such that the children can do something productive out of it.

For surviving this life, every child needs to develop certain important skill sets that can emerge out through holistic development only. Also, the children need to be educated about certain moral values so that they don’t choose the wrong path in the future. When skills such as public speaking, leadership skills, teamwork skills, etc.

Importance Of Sports And Other Co-Curricular Activities

There has been much research conducted which shown that sports activities hold a lot of importance apart from academics in educating a child. There are sports activities compulsory in every educational institution. Sports activities help in building good physical fitness and also various mental fitness skills. Teamwork and leadership are well taught when a child participates in sports activities. All the schools mandatorily made to conduct sports competitions such that children can showcase their sports talent while developing advanced motor skills.

Apart from sports activities, various co-curricular activities are also very important for students to engage in. The government has made it compulsory for all the educational institutions to include some co-curricular activities in the yearly plan. The co-curricular activities give various benefits for the overall development of a child. Every school needs to devote QRS of co-curricular activities every day such that various skillsets associated with the co-curricular activities can develop in the children.

What All Is Limiting Holistic Development?

Apart from various guidelines imposed on the schools for ensuring holistic development, there are many limiting factors towards overall development. Schools still try to focus more on academic performance and ignore other activities in the process. The only discipline cannot ensure holistic development in a child. Discipline is no doubt important but it is not enough for teaching the important skills required for survival.

It often happens that many schools limit the engagement in sports activities and other co-curricular activities and devote that time to academics for making their results better than other schools. This is a major limiting factor towards holistic development in children. This thing should be avoided and equal time should be given for everything.

Every school should consider employing more and more co-curricular and sports activities as a step towards ensuring overall development in a child. Nowadays, there are career opportunities and various areas except for academics which makes it necessary for the parents as well the teachers encourage talent and skills possessed by children. Holistic development can lead to successful careers of children as various skill sets can come to use.

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Effect Of COVID 19 On The Education Sector

Education Sector

Closure of all educational institutions worldwide:

The spread of COVID-19 worldwide has forced people to move into their homes for their safety and to prevent the spread of this virus. And due to this, most of the educational institutions worldwide had been shut down, and the level of education around the world have taken a massive toll worldwide.

The COVID-19 pandemic has already deranged the existing educational sectors. Major processes such as admission cycles, student enrolment, consulting activities, cash flow, and many more similar processes have been affected. A massive progress drops in fields like research and study have caused the situation to get even worse.

But thanks to the technology around, problems can be solved in ways no one could have imagined in the last few years. The concept of taking the education system online helped educational institutions to tackle the ongoing problem and continue to impart education to their students. And online means have also helped in restarting several other functions such as, enrolments and admission processes, which weren’t implemented in the past years properly.

Rise of innovation in the education sector:

The current situation has helped in the development of interactive technologies to help teachers and students to learn online. Innovations are being made into the existing technologies to adapt the means towards the education system. Interactive applications are being developed to connect students to their teachers, and vice-versa. Also, these applications are helpful in several ways that include, broadcasting live classes, lecture sessions, online seminars or webinars, and so on.

The release of such innovation has not only brought education into people’s homes but has also offered more time for students to do what they are interested in. This way, students won’t have to worry about giving all of their time inside the college schedule, they now have a chance to explore all the potential skills around them, polish these skills, and find their passion. And when these difficult times are over, students can use these new skills to work in various sectors, thus, contributing to society’s growth.

E-Learning becomes the new culture in modern education:

A few years ago, the concept of e-learning was far too vague to be recognized as a proper means for education. But during this COVID-19 pandemic and with all of the lockdown situations worldwide, it has become impossible for students, faculty members, teachers, and other staff to move out of their homes and go to their respective institutions to continue the learning process. And in such times, the online means have bloomed to its potential, it has helped to bring this learning in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions into people’s hands. Any gadgets such as a tablet, smartphone, or PC with access to the internet can make learning possible while staying put inside homes.

The concept of e-learning might look new and difficult for students since everyone is adapted to the physical level of communication, which often happens inside a classroom. This level of communication is said to be more effective, but at such times, encouraging students to adapt to the virtual level of communication can reduce the possibilities of complications that arise in online classes.

Final words:

So, what can be done to minimize these effects? What measures should the authorities take to tackle the given crisis befalling on education? How can educational institutions counter the effects on a nation-wide scale?

The answer to all of these queries is very difficult to answer. There have been no reports on when the crisis would end, and there have been no reports of any counter-measures that are being taken to tackle these effects. So, the only advice that goes towards the authorities is the need to adopt new resources. New and different resources that could be adapted by students and teachers in such a way that the loss inflicted in all these months can be recovered as soon as possible.

For instance, instead of skipping internal assessments, schools or colleges should postpone the dates to a fixed date of physical assessment. And for those who are fresh out of colleges, institutions should focus their resources on providing them with opportunities to gain experience in the industry. New policies should be adopted to prevent the growth of unemployment.

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Students Learn Various Life Skills In Best Boarding Schools In Gurgaon That Furnish Them With All The Privileges

Boarding School

Along with the study, the school students need to take active participation in all the other curricular activities too. It is also the responsibility of the schools that they furnish their students with all the good and interesting activities in which they can take part in and learn something out of the box except studying. Schools are considered to be the second home for the children as they learn a lot of things there.

Several activities teach kids a lot and they can explore and acquire various new skills. When it comes to boarding schools, there is a huge difference in all the procedures taking place inside the campus. Students in a boarding school do not have the option of considering school as their second home as it is their home. They stay in the boarding hostels and go to study in the classes. There are several rules and regulations as well that are imposed on these students and they have to abide by them strictly. Students who study in boarding are well- equipped with various life lessons as well.

How are the schools in Gurgaon?         

Gurgaon is one such city that is infested with amazing boarding schools that are very much reputed and also have a very good faculty. Parents who wish to send their children to those boarding schools can do so easily by admitting them in the same. Parents should also make sure that their children are well prepared to lead a disciplined and strict life that will prepare them for all the jabs that the future will throw at them. They will be able to dodge all of them and succeed with flying colors.

What are the teachings given to the students in a boarding school?

Various aspects of life remain untouched by a student but getting into a boarding school can bring those aspects into your life which are called discipline, self-care, motivation, hard work, etc. When a student is exposed to the world out there, where he has to manage his daily errands, take care of his belongings on his own, that student develops and grows as a responsible person with a dedication to achieving something in life. Living along with the people of the same age same interests will make a student trained about the competitive environment. The life in a boarding school is such that it teaches the students various aspects of life itself.

How can one know about the best boarding schools in Gurgaon?

Gurgaon is a city well infested with highly ranked and reputed boarding schools that shape the future of the students with the brightest colors. Various such schools can be found using the internet. The information related to them is given and is present on the web for the parents to access them and decide and select the best boarding school for their children. These boarding schools not only have learned teachers but also furnish the students with various options to indulge themselves in numerous extracurricular activities and hone several other skills as well. The study pattern is the finest in such schools and them not only focus on making the students literate but they strive hard to make them educated. These schools have very strict rules for the students living in the boarding hostels to make sure that they do not commit any blunders and ruin their time. They have a fixed time for sleeping, eating, and studying. All the students need to work according to the same and there is no leniency shown if a student does not follow or refuses to follow any of the rules and regulations of the school.

Furthermore, all these schools equipped with the best of the services to provide to their students are listed on the internet and people can easily get their hands on the best of the same. Students indeed learn various life skills in the boarding schools and this is why it becomes necessary to put them in the right ones. Boarding schools prove to be very instrumental in shaping the future of these students. The schools take all the responsibilities of the children and help them to transform into the best version of themselves.

Importance Of Developing The Decision-Making Skills In Your Children

Boarding School

It is not easy being a parent and handling all the responsibility that develops the mind of their child. From childhood, the parents make every decision for their child so that they enjoy life and make the most out of it. The decision varies from their education, food they should eat, the way they should behave in front of others, etc. Some child psychologists have stated that parents making decisions for their children can affect their life in the future.

Why you should allow your children to make their decisions?

From the beginning, parents have been making decisions for their children until they are eighteen or getting married. It can affect the decision-making skills of their children because after they are suddenly made to make decisions for their lives. This comes as a surprise for them because they have not been trained for this and they do not idea about the consequences of making a wrong decision.

Not only have the decision-making skills, but children can also improved other skills which can benefit them later in their lives. When you give the power of deciding for your child from an early age, they develop confidence in them. This happens because they find themselves worthy of making the right decision which has been given to them by their parents. Even if they make a wrong decision, they will be responsible for that which will help them in their growth. Parents protect their children from anything wrong happening in the world until they are eligible to work on their own. This comes as a disadvantage because they have not been taught to make decisions in their childhood days.

How to prepare your child for the world?

It is a well-known fact that the world is not the best place to leave your child to handle their problems alone. Bad things happen to people even if they are prepared for that. From an early age, children think that they have to rely on their parents for every decision that affects their life. No matter what happens in their life, their parents will always decide for them. This creates a disadvantage for their personality because they never think of the consequences that happened because of a bad decision. It is very important to make your children independent from a young age so that they can learn important skills early and do not get confused when they are left alone in the world. When a child is trained to decide their childhood, they know that there will be consequences which they have to face. This helps them in keeping all the points in mind regarding the decision so that they can make the right one. When parents give the charge of handling something important, the children tend to feel important in the family which enhances them emotionally and mentally.

The world is a confusing and cruel place to live. Not everyone can survive it properly. Many skills are required to live and survive in the world. When a child is born, the parents must develop the skills that help them in conquering the world with their personality. They should give their children important duties to handle like making decisions which will help them in creating a stable life for them and their family.

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