The Interesting Facts About The Boarding School

The Interesting Facts About The Boarding School

According to the common people, the boarding schools are the boring, rigid and the strict one who always put pressure on the students and will not treat them in a wise manner and these are the thoughts which are circulating in the human’s mind but in reality, it is entirely different and good in nature. Let us see the interesting facts of the school

1.) To gain enough self-confidence and be independent

The students who are studying in the boarding school are bold in nature and they are able to do tough and risky things individually without the help of others. They are strong in nature and motivate themselves in order to achieve their daily tasks and goals. The students are ready to face the challenges and hurdles to increase their confidence level and they do not depend on others to get their work done and they believe on themselves and will be having a focused mind to attain the full concentration towards their work.

2.) The students are trained in various fields and given support for increasing their skills

The young talents are given many activities and tasks to improve their thinking and problem-solving skills. Not only in the academic side but also, they are given equal opportunities in the extracurricular activities like sports, art, craft, music and so on. These schools give a bright future for their children and create a good path for them. The Students are properly guided and given extra support for their own interest.The main motive of the boarding school is to bring out the hidden talents of the buds and make those buds into a beautiful flower and also protects as a sunshine in order to make those flowers strong enough to face the world.


3.) The Teachers are well trained and experienced in their subjects

The students will not feel homesick because the teachers are their second mother and gives moral support to their children and give assistance on various matters to improve the students’ knowledge and the teachers are also responsible for their students’ culture and tradition so the teachers will also take moral classes to eliminate the diversification between the students and also teach ethics so that the students will behave properly in each and every situation and hold the discipline throughout their life.


4.) The students are given entire freedom in their leisure hours and will be monitored thoroughly to create a healthy environment

The students are given enough freedom and they can do entertainment part for their relaxation and they won’t be put into severe pressure for their learning activity. All are done in a smart way to give a comfort zone for their students so that nobody will face a difficult situation and the students are monitored to change their unhealthy habits and behavior and it is a major advantage for the students to keep up their manners and maintain the etiquettes.

The boarding schools are the best one compare to the day schools and they offer fees waivers to the academic excellent and sports achievement students. From these schools, one can attain the discipline and etiquettes and also gains practical exposure to compete the world and to win the race.

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Sleep – A Crucial Factor That Optimizes Every Child’s Health

Sleep – A Crucial Factor That Optimizes Every Child’s Health

We all have dreams to achieve. The one that is embedded in every cell in our body is having children and growing them good and healthy. It is beautiful to watch ourselves in our children to grow again from the beginning. We take care of them very well. Parental care is the most crucial care that an individual gets throughout their lifetime. It shapes and molds them. We are always afraid of any problem with them and their health. We take any steps to help them out from their problem – only if we know! Many of us don’t know what our children need for their health. The one factor that is being unnoticed the most is their sleep. Some parents think that their children, sleeping less, and working more is healthy. The truth is the opposite.

The sleep status of most children

We are pre-programmed to feel more sleepy when we are young. This changes as we age. When we are aged, again we get more sleep. If we break this, health problems can be seen. Many parents restrict their children from sleeping early or sleep more time. Children of age up to 12 must get minimum sleep of 9 hours. But they are not allowed more than 8 in most houses. Many problems can occur due to a lack of sleep. This is not known for many parents.

Problems that can be avoided due to good sleep

Many problems can be avoided in our children when they get enough sleep. Sleeping has a lot of positive effects for children. Some of them are,

  • They can think better and show good progress in studies and other activities.
  • They shine well in extracurricular activities and discover their hidden talents.
  • They stay obedient to their parents. They don’t let their minds oscillate.
  • Their immunity power develops. Their Heart, Brain, and other vital organs get to develop well and the children show good health and don’t fall sick often.
  • Their behavior and consciousness develop as they understand better. They don’t make mistakes when they understand the consequences.
  • Sleeping enough can help to concentrate on studies. They don’t sleep when they are in class if they get enough sleep at home.

There are many more problems too that can be avoided when our children get enough sleep.

Making them sleep

Children are uncontrollable at most times. Some children restrict themselves from sleep. They play for the whole day and at night time too. Some don’t sleep, even if they are made to lie in their bed. They wake up and lie there. It is their parent’s responsibility to make them sleep. The most common way is telling them stories. Stopping any sound-making devices can help them sleep well. A good place to sleep arranged for them helps. Many other ways can help them sleep too.

Every parent must know that sleep is one of the most important needs of every child. It keeps their health up and prevents any problem related to this. Making them sleep is one of every parent’s duty. Don’t forget to kiss them good night too.

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Helping Your Little One To Stay Organised Daily

Helping Your Little One To Stay Organised Daily

Running a race every weekday in the morning around your child is the story of every household. We see parents screaming and shouting at their children just as the school bus arrives. In today’s world, people expect their children to be organized and managed to succeed in life. Kids need our help to learn and get organized to perform everyday tasks with more efficiency and fulfill all their school responsibilities.

Here are a few guidelines for parents to start improving the organizational skills of their young ones:

  1. Establish Good Habits: It generally takes about 3 weeks or a month to set up a new habit but for kids, it’s a little easier. If parents get their kids on some regime for some weeks, the new habits will some to the kids. Kids should always follow a proper bedtime routine. They should not sleep for less than 8 hours.
  2. Discuss Organization: The organized regime’s importance must be imparted to young learners. It helps them to co-operate with the ever-changing education system. Parents must be very supportive and agile in their kid’s schedules. Parents must also prove to be a good example for their children. Parents learn a lot from their parents.
  3. Checklist: Give your ward a checklist of daily activities. Having a checklist containing the activities which need to be accomplished the same day is like a start to their organizational skills. The checklist can contain attending the class, having a snack, playing during recess, etc. It’ll help them spend their time efficiently.
  4. Create a dedicated & labeled Home Work folder: From the day they get their very first assignment, make a home-work folder that contains their daily assignments. It is a great organizational habit.
  5. Prepare for the next day: As the child packs his bag in the morning, make sure that the bag contains the homework folder with the previous day’s homework assignment completed. They must also have their checklist of the tasks they have to do that day with them which is freshly created in the morning. There should be some changes in the checklist daily.
  6. Throwing away the useless stuff: Every weekend, they must throw away all the useless stuff of the previous weeks. This includes the previous week’s checklists, homework assignments (those aren’t required now), and anything else that consumes space and might never be required now.
  7. Offer Appreciation: There’s nothing better than being organized. It should be a pride for you that your kid is so organized. They must be appreciated. They should know that their parents are proud of them. You have to be organized but you should not be controlled at all. This will lead to the formation of a healthy environment that will lead to the development of the child’s personality.

Working all day and never playing can make a person intrigued by their work and can make them lazy too. Make sure that your kids are getting enough time to play and sleep along with their organized schedule. This will help them build confidence too.

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Overburdening The Young Minds With Extra Curricular Activities

Overburdening The Young Minds With Extra Curricular Activities

Unless you’re some kind of caregiver who is said to be trapped in a continuous cycle of judo to start dancing class, sports to movie club, including a dozen other tasks 6 days each week, you’re not alone.

Extracurriculars could be a great experience, and could also make wonderful things about children’s skills, trust, and social life. Such behaviors may also have overshadowed family life.  One parent complained of “knackered” kids who didn’t come back home before 9:00 p.m. or earlier, and confessed that she has been “over the moon” whenever the trip was canceled.

Research teams have said that parents are sometimes under strain to commit their kids to extracurricular events.

Children and families are always on their journey from the time they wake up in the morning these times.

As a mother or a father, you may accept your child’s stressful co-curricular action plan to allow him the chance to explore hobbies and learn social skills. While extra-curricular experiences may certainly be a good path for your young kid to be a successful singer or player, they could also severely damage the consistency of his youth.

Why Children Have Extracurricular Activities

Some of the purpose’s family put their children into action have included vision to expand children’s inborn talents and assist someone to be well-rounded grownups. Their opportunities for competing at elevated amounts and earning non-academic financial aid are reduced without extracurriculars. Children will learn coordination, self-discipline, or even interpersonal cognition, and also a sense of responsibility, get fun, build friendships, and become figureheads. That being said, your child will still acquire these things, enjoy the excitement, and be well-rounded through playing after learning, as children are supposed to do.

Loss in Time Down

Much like parents, the child wants some time to rest.

When he gets too enthusiastic about a single extracurricular sport, he can become hooked to it. He’s missing his rest and the opportunity to refresh. In relation, the financial costs of competing in high-level contests can exhaust your savings account.

Health problems

Ferraro often shows that children who’ve too many extracurricular experiences can wind up with physical illness as a consequence.

Many of which can entail bodily injury — say, whether the kid is too exhausted to perform gymnastics and is jumping or tossing wrongly — sickness and exhaustion.

Find a Compromise

If you’re always struggling to bring your kid into an extracurricular sport, consider a compromise among family and sports time and relaxing. There is ample of extracurricular interaction 6 to 9 hours per week, states Joan Bergstrom, writer. Research by Jennifer Fredricks, Associate Director at Connecticut College, reported that, among the 10,000 U.S.A children aged 15 and 16 who studied, many who already had extracurricular experiences ranging from 1-13 hours per week did also have certain beneficial academic results.

But there could be no solution to that. Extracurricular activities also represent a form of levels of support for working parents, particularly with double-income households. They also sometimes aim to improve curricula for university education implementations. Until work environments become even more appreciative and considerate of workers’ home life because unless college acceptances are reduced, parents and children seem to have no alternative but to put quality time throughout the passenger seat.

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