Students Learn Various Life Skills In Best Boarding Schools In Gurgaon That Furnish Them With All The Privileges

Boarding School

Along with the study, the school students need to take active participation in all the other curricular activities too. It is also the responsibility of the schools that they furnish their students with all the good and interesting activities in which they can take part in and learn something out of the box except studying. Schools are considered to be the second home for the children as they learn a lot of things there.

Several activities teach kids a lot and they can explore and acquire various new skills. When it comes to boarding schools, there is a huge difference in all the procedures taking place inside the campus. Students in a boarding school do not have the option of considering school as their second home as it is their home. They stay in the boarding hostels and go to study in the classes. There are several rules and regulations as well that are imposed on these students and they have to abide by them strictly. Students who study in boarding are well- equipped with various life lessons as well.

How are the schools in Gurgaon?         

Gurgaon is one such city that is infested with amazing boarding schools that are very much reputed and also have a very good faculty. Parents who wish to send their children to those boarding schools can do so easily by admitting them in the same. Parents should also make sure that their children are well prepared to lead a disciplined and strict life that will prepare them for all the jabs that the future will throw at them. They will be able to dodge all of them and succeed with flying colors.

What are the teachings given to the students in a boarding school?

Various aspects of life remain untouched by a student but getting into a boarding school can bring those aspects into your life which are called discipline, self-care, motivation, hard work, etc. When a student is exposed to the world out there, where he has to manage his daily errands, take care of his belongings on his own, that student develops and grows as a responsible person with a dedication to achieving something in life. Living along with the people of the same age same interests will make a student trained about the competitive environment. The life in a boarding school is such that it teaches the students various aspects of life itself.

How can one know about the best boarding schools in Gurgaon?

Gurgaon is a city well infested with highly ranked and reputed boarding schools that shape the future of the students with the brightest colors. Various such schools can be found using the internet. The information related to them is given and is present on the web for the parents to access them and decide and select the best boarding school for their children. These boarding schools not only have learned teachers but also furnish the students with various options to indulge themselves in numerous extracurricular activities and hone several other skills as well. The study pattern is the finest in such schools and them not only focus on making the students literate but they strive hard to make them educated. These schools have very strict rules for the students living in the boarding hostels to make sure that they do not commit any blunders and ruin their time. They have a fixed time for sleeping, eating, and studying. All the students need to work according to the same and there is no leniency shown if a student does not follow or refuses to follow any of the rules and regulations of the school.

Furthermore, all these schools equipped with the best of the services to provide to their students are listed on the internet and people can easily get their hands on the best of the same. Students indeed learn various life skills in the boarding schools and this is why it becomes necessary to put them in the right ones. Boarding schools prove to be very instrumental in shaping the future of these students. The schools take all the responsibilities of the children and help them to transform into the best version of themselves.

Importance Of Developing The Decision-Making Skills In Your Children

Boarding School

It is not easy being a parent and handling all the responsibility that develops the mind of their child. From childhood, the parents make every decision for their child so that they enjoy life and make the most out of it. The decision varies from their education, food they should eat, the way they should behave in front of others, etc. Some child psychologists have stated that parents making decisions for their children can affect their life in the future.

Why you should allow your children to make their decisions?

From the beginning, parents have been making decisions for their children until they are eighteen or getting married. It can affect the decision-making skills of their children because after they are suddenly made to make decisions for their lives. This comes as a surprise for them because they have not been trained for this and they do not idea about the consequences of making a wrong decision.

Not only have the decision-making skills, but children can also improved other skills which can benefit them later in their lives. When you give the power of deciding for your child from an early age, they develop confidence in them. This happens because they find themselves worthy of making the right decision which has been given to them by their parents. Even if they make a wrong decision, they will be responsible for that which will help them in their growth. Parents protect their children from anything wrong happening in the world until they are eligible to work on their own. This comes as a disadvantage because they have not been taught to make decisions in their childhood days.

How to prepare your child for the world?

It is a well-known fact that the world is not the best place to leave your child to handle their problems alone. Bad things happen to people even if they are prepared for that. From an early age, children think that they have to rely on their parents for every decision that affects their life. No matter what happens in their life, their parents will always decide for them. This creates a disadvantage for their personality because they never think of the consequences that happened because of a bad decision. It is very important to make your children independent from a young age so that they can learn important skills early and do not get confused when they are left alone in the world. When a child is trained to decide their childhood, they know that there will be consequences which they have to face. This helps them in keeping all the points in mind regarding the decision so that they can make the right one. When parents give the charge of handling something important, the children tend to feel important in the family which enhances them emotionally and mentally.

The world is a confusing and cruel place to live. Not everyone can survive it properly. Many skills are required to live and survive in the world. When a child is born, the parents must develop the skills that help them in conquering the world with their personality. They should give their children important duties to handle like making decisions which will help them in creating a stable life for them and their family.

Importance of Sports and Games in Schools

Games in School

There are quite a few different aspects of a complete education. It includes physical development, mental development, and needless to mention the socio-emotional development which goes on to play a crucial role in any student’s life. This is perhaps the very reason as to why the schools are no more restricted to only studies wherein the teachers are giving their classes to students in the classroom. Instead, the schools now have various activities apart from teaching academic subjects.

The Aim

The motive behind giving education is not only to impart the share of knowledge related to several subjects but also to develop the capacities and helping the child to nurture them and groom them in a way wherein, they find and learn something new growing up. That is when the games and the sports goes on to play a very significant role in schooling for every child.

Games and sports have always been a part of schooling life and one of the very reasons for having games and sports in the schools is to assist the children to grow physically and develop new things and be a good learner. However, the games and sports are not restricted to merely physical sides. As mentioned, the individuals also get to learn quite a few things and one of them is life skills via games and sports that go on to help the child in the long run. The sportsmanship that we call as the sportsman spirit, working as a team, determination, confidence, the will to keep going and not give up no matter what the circumstances are and so on are a few of the things that the child goes on to learn via the medium of games and sports. Nearly all schools now have a variety of options to offer their students in terms of games and sports that include several outdoor and indoor games and sports.

The Belief

There is also this very popular saying that reads, “All work & no play makes the Jack a dull boy” is indeed true. Any kind of physical activity is very important for any child. It can well be in any form such as jogging, walking, athletics, running, or any other game or sport. Each kid needs to involve themselves in something or the other to grow mentally and physically, both.  Most children are generally active in their childhood, using that excess energy in a form of physical activity. The parents along with the teachers must try and find out the ways wherein, the child starts taking interest in some of the activities. Well just to put it on record, it is extremely not necessary that every child will go on to show interest in a similar sort of physical sport or activity. Children should be exposed to numerous sports through pictures, videos, discussions in case experimental learning or the demonstration is no more feasible. As the students will only go on to develop an interest when they know several games and sports.

Encourage Your Child

Children must well be encouraged to allow themselves to involve in physical activity. In case you don’t know the way to encourage you may go on to model it. The kids love to ape the adults around them and that way they get inspired as well. So the outcome is like when the adults in the surroundings are active physically then the kids as well tend to be physically active.

In most cases, the students or say the kids go on to show interest at a very early age in any kind of physical activity be it any game, sports, or athletics. These signs must well be recognized by teachers and parents.  They must discuss various games and sports and inspire the children by simply talking about the greats of particular sports. For instance, if a child is into athletics you may talk to him about Usain Bolt or if he is into sports such as cricket and soccer you may go on to talk about Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli or Sachin.


No matter what you must encourage your child to indulge themselves in sports that will help them grow.

Understanding The Levels Or Stages Of Education In India Today

Education & Innovation

The Indian educational system is something of its own. It has developed its own standard and grading mechanism. We need to have a clear understanding and comprehension of the Levels or Stages of Education in India today

What is the system that is generally followed?

It follows a very unique structure of education. It is known as a 10+2 system because one of the single structure till 10th grade and then you have two more years. It is implemented in all of the Union Territories as well as states of the country. However, not all of them follow a distinct pattern that follows the Central system and some have their own State syllabus boards. But, the Levels or Stages of Education in India today remain somewhat the same.

How have the levels been divided?

The educational stages can be divided into stages and feature several distinct extra educational options. So, the Levels or Stages of Education in India today can be understood as the following:

  • Pre-Primary Stage – This is the first stage of education. It is for children between the ages of three to six years old. This stage comprises of the distinct level of classes and includes Pre-school, Nursery, Kindergarten – which includes Lower Kindergarten LKG and Upper Kindergarten UKG. This is usually provided by both the government and private schools.
  • Primary Stage – The next stage after Pre-Primary school is that of the Primary Stage. This is for students between the age of five to twelve and consists of the first to fifth grade. The duration of the same is four to five years. They are usually a set of general subjects such as English, Mathematics, Environmental Sciences, and a second language. Under the Constitution of our country, elementary school and these five years have been made necessary and compulsory.
  • Middle Stage – The next stages of education include around three to four years of further studying. This is the 5th to 7th grade or the 6th to 8th grade, so the students are almost fourteen years old when they are done with this stage. This Is different across states and is usually the part between elementary and high school.
  • Secondary Stage – This is the stage between senior secondary school and middle school and consists of two to three academic years of studying. The students are around sixteen years old when they are done with it. In certain States, it is the 8th to 10th grade and for some, it is the 9th to 10th grade.
  • Senior Secondary – The next stage of education is the final two years of schooling. It is the same across the country and forms the 11th and 12th grade. The pattern of 10+2 is followed and students have the will and freedom to choose their preferred subjects in light of the careers they wish to pursue. They can choose from Sciences, Commerce, Art and Humanities. They also have the option of choosing one elective such as Legal Studies, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Painting, Fashion Studies and many more.
  • Undergraduate Study – This is where the students enter the world of university and college and they are done with school. Students that enter this stage at the age of eighteen and depending upon their chosen course it can take anywhere between three to five years. There are several degrees that students can choose from such as Medicine, Architecture, Law, Business, Economics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering and Technology. You can choose from a series of private and government colleges.
  • Postgraduate Stage – This is the stage that students may choose to enter or not, and usually between 1-3 years where students can get their Masters degrees. Several colleges are known to provide PG education and you can specialize in a field or subject of your choice.

Besides the structure mentioned above, you can even find adult education plants, Distance education options which given to those who do not have access or are unable to join schools or colleges in the regular way. There are also home-schooling options which are an alternative to the regular school structure and students can choose from the streams they want. Visit our Home Page to Know more about Best School in India

Let The Young Mind Of Your Child Enlighten With Top Boarding Schools In India!

Boarding School

Education plays an important role in our lives. It is a continuous learning process. It gives us knowledge about anything and everything that exists in this world. It teaches us the way to look at life and people. It guides our opinions and perspectives. It allows us to gather information and interpret it in our own way. The world cannot function without education because it is applied in every field or profession such as politics, civil services, teaching etc. Our learning continues until death. Therefore, admission in top boarding school in India gives the opportunity to rise and shine!

Want to know about the best preschool for your child?

One of the prestigious schools is GD Goenka Signature school and is one of the best day boarding schools in India! The GD Goenka Signature school takes the admission of a child depending upon the availability of the seats. The school believes that all students are eligible for admission. The aim of day boarding school in India is to enlighten the young minds and make them a better version of themselves. It aims at developing values such as sharing, discipline, caring, responsible, honesty etc.

Steps for admission:                                                             

  • The parents are required to meet the admission counselor at best residential school in India. The main purpose of this meeting is to understand the parent’s point of view and the child’s
  • The submission of online admission form, since the admission process is online so the parents are required to fill up the online admission form.
  • Payment for the admission form – the parents have to visit the residential school in India for payment. Once the payment has been done the parents can collect their admission packet.

The top residential school in India  promises a supportive and healthy environment. It aims at developing each child’s unique identity and to make their self-awareness and self-esteem high. It also teaches your child through outdoor learning which makes a child’s personality adaptable and flexible. Its innumerable facilities have made the school’s reputation good and outstanding.

Quick Guide On Best CBSE Schools In India!

CBSE School

Education plays the most imperative role in a person life; it fills the curious minds with knowledge and the hearts with wisdom to become a nice human being. Parents always suffer from a dilemma regarding the admissions of their children and they are mostly confused regarding where to educate their child so that the child gets the best education with social value. Best CBSE schools in India provides a promising environment with an aim to develop knowledgeable, caring, decent, curious and inquiring individuals who can lead the nation into prosperity.

This CBSE school in Gurgaon does not focus on the Academics only they infuse comprehensive efforts in enhancing and promoting extra-curricular activities such as sports, theatre, and music so that the students can unravel their hidden talents.

What are the academic courses offered by the good CBSE School?

CBSE board school in Gurgaon provides numerous academic programs to cater to every need of the students so that they can join as a toddler and can graduate as a dedicated and responsible adult. The academic courses offered by the CBSE school are:

  • Primary years: Primary years are one of the most important years of school life because at this stage the children start to learn new things and their mind is filled with curiosity. The children are provided with a nurturing and encouraging environment which motivates them to learn. The primary years are from Grade I to Grade V.
  • Middle years: The middle school programme is diversified into broad categories of subjects such as mathematics, science, humanities, languages, and arts to bestow the students with practical and as well as theoretical knowledge. Well, the grades IX and X are accredited with a separate International credit and is, therefore, one of the Top CBSE schools in Gurgaon!

You can find many Good CBSE schools in Gurgaon and focuses on the overall development of the students from the beginning of their journey so that they can unravel their talents and become good human beings with knowledge and values.

How To Check For Global Methodology In A School?

Mathology of School

In today’s competitive era, every parent wants their child to be best in the competition, in respect to sports, academics, cultural activities, etc. whereas, every child wants to learn or gain knowledge beyond books and classrooms and much more infield and practically. Parents keeping these criteria in mind, choose the best education institute for their children to get shaped and ready for the competitive race of future and success. This all criteria can be found in schools with global methodology and many schools are adopting this education system for betterment in learning for their children. Global education methodology is an education system that merely focuses on child development with developing skills, personality and developing character traits to become a civilized individual and perform best in the world. To find a school with a global methodology, you should always check for

  1. Stem Education With Practical Learning– STEM is an education syllabus or program, where subjects like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are focused more on terms of the rapid civilization of technology in the world. Many schools have adopted this curriculum but more in a theory way, where students fail to grasp knowledge with a certainly expected efficiency. Schools with global methodology use this curriculum in a more practical way to make learning fun and easily adaptable for students.
  2. Weightage To Students Personality Development And Grasping Power– apart from knowledge gained from academics, it is also important to develop skill and interest in sports, research, extra-curricular activities, games, arts, etc., and additional individual focus towards students to match a particular grasping power in class can create a student a better runner for life.
  3. Hostile Environment Around School– A friendly environment around school from teachers and staff, create a comfortable space to study and be more creative for students, which is also important for a school apart from learning. Individual focus and friendly relation of teachers and students can encourage a student to love education or going school every day with positive energy.
  4. Shaping Individual For Becoming A Better Citizen– Every parent or every citizen of a nation expect a school to be a place where children can come into the real world as a better citizen with morally and overall knowledge needed to live in a society with others. Discipline and moral education is the most important feature a school should focus to shape their students before they step out of the real world.

These are four basic but important criteria to check for schools with global methodology, so you can enroll your child’s admission in a better education institute.

GD Goenka Signature School is the Best Residential School in India follows:

  • The Montessori Methodology
  • Qualified Montessori Mentors
  • Practical Life Exercises (PLE)
  • Real World Curriculum TM

Tips To Prepare Your Children For An Excursion Or School Trip?

School Trip

Every year different schools plan an excursion or one-day return trip for students, which is mostly based on their educational syllabus or leisure, which depends on the school authorities. Many institutions believe that students should gain practical and field knowledge apart from academic knowledge taken by teachers on a daily basis. As, according to a child development study and research, children tend to grasp the knowledge quickly in practical teaching as compared to teaching in the classroom, which can be found in excursions or field trips. There are many cases where children have faced incidence or accidents after lots of care and supervision handled by the authorities. In such cases, school authorities are blamed for not taking good care of their children, but in some instances, children should understand or gear up on what to do or not on a school trip, which can be taught as moral education by parents. So if you are reading this, it’s the right time to prepare your children well in advance before they head for an excursion or school trip.

The four basic and most important tips you can offer your child to prepare are,

  1. Get basic information about the trip – It is important for children and parents to know the purpose of the trip and to gain insight into what training or safety to be gain or taught before going for the trip. Parents should gain overall information from a school on departure to the expected arrival and extra-curricular activities done during the trip.
  2. Prepare a personal first aid and safety kitschools or teachers on the trip carry basic first aid tools for children from antiseptic to bandage. But in a crowd of more than 20-30 students. Sometimes teachers fail giving attention to a student during situations like minor accidents or getting separated from the class. So to embrace such cases, parents should set up a personal first aid kit box for children with a child’s basic information setup on a card and making them understand the particular use of this when any situation arrives.
  3. Train your kids with moral values – This is the most important factor to be taken care of before any school trip. Children should know what is right or wrong in the world outside school and especially when it comes to a school trip. So as a parent you should make your children understand the rule of strangers, whom to seek for any help, whom and what to obey and how to take care of yourself. These moral values can set up peace and relief in the sense of parents before sending their kids for the trip.
  4. Stay connected with school – Parents should get in touch with teachers who are assigned on the trip and have a word with them prior to 2-3 days of the trip and get in a discussion about things to be taken into consideration with your child for this trip.

These tips can surely give a bright sense of security and personal care in your children to be taken care of during an excursion or school trip and even a sense of relief and peace for parents who can safely and willingly send their children for the school trip.

GD Goenka Signature School is Best School in Gurugram with regular school trips for students.

How To Help A Struggling Student In A School?

CBSE School

Not everyone was born to be the smart kid who comes first in his or her class. Not everyone was born to understand chemistry or write poetry. Every single kid is different and unique. They have their talents. Their strengths and weakness in school subjects vary from one another.

Though the A grade students are always being praised, the B grade students are always being encouraged to do better, the grades below are struggling to achieve the rank that will identify them as ‘smart’.

As adults, we should come forward and help them out instead of pressurizing them and continuously tell them that they are not good enough.

How to Help Such Students?

There are several ways to help these students but first, you have to be patient. Identify their strong and weak areas and have to understand why they are having a problem.

Once, you have figured that out you can proceed. If the students are good at certain subjects, you should praise them, they will feel confident about themselves and this will help them with the weaker areas. Do not force him or her to excel in a subject he or she is not good at that, this will only give them unnecessary mental pressures. Be gentle, talk to them about the subjects they dislike and ask them why. Understand their difficulties and then try to teach them in their way, something that will help them grasp the topics well.

Try to maintain a routine and an improvement chart, always encourage them, tell them they can do it. Tell them that it is okay to not excel in all the subjects, this will give them comfort and they will not tire themselves out while proving themselves. Tell them that they can be the best in their own ways.

GD Goenka Signature School is one the Top International Schools in India which help struggling students to concentrate on their studies.

Impact of Pollution on School & Kids


With the increase in carbon emission, deforestation and plastic waste in water bodies, pollution is putting every life on this planet in danger. The forests are burning, marine animals are suffering, different species of animals are getting extinct, humans are suffering, newborn babies are born with abnormalcy and little school kids are suffering.

How is pollution having an impact on school kids?

Air pollution is the only pollution that has the majority of the impact on school kids. You will be wrong if you think that air pollution is only outside, well air pollutants are indoor as well.

During their growth years, kids spend the majority of their time in school and the school’s indoor air, especially if the building is old, is very concerning because these buildings are a perfect habitat for molds. Moreover, bad ventilation system, water leakage, and pet infestation increase the problem.

We know this sounds absurd but the air quality has a huge impact on kids’ attendance. Breathing in impure air can cause asthma and as well allergies which can worsen the health of the kids and hence their academic performance can deteriorate.

The air pollutants inside the school buildings not only increase the rate of asthma problem but also other respiratory problems and can decrease a kid’s concentration level.

Why does air pollutants affect kids more than adults?

Kids do not have strong lungs, their lungs are underdeveloped and thus they are sensitive to the health problems that air pollution causes. Indoor air pollutants also affect the development of the nervous and the immune system in kids and also the development of the endocrine glands.

Kids also catch a cold and flu very easily and it spreads among them because of their weak immune system which is also the reason why airborne diseases spread among children.

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