Is Boarding Better Than Day School?

Boarding School

Despite the fallacies surrounding boarding schools that they are for troubled children or for those nerds who know nothing other than studies, there is a brighter side that boarding schools offer finer development, therefore considered better than day school.

  1. One-Stop:

Students can avail all the facilities under one roof and it saves their time and energy. The schedule of the school inculcates a sense of punctuality and discipline in the students. It grooms them into more responsible and dependable individuals in the future.

  1. Bond of Friendship:

Boarders receive the most valuable gift of friendship. It acts like cement that holds them together and are even closer than their families. They spend nostalgic hours as well as moments that they cherish life-long.

  1. Co-Scholastic Activities:

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. Students are inspired to participate in at least one co-curricular activity or sport. It maintains a balance in the child’s mental development, which will help them flourish in all social, emotional, thinking, attitude, and area of art.

  1. Impeccable Skills:

Owing to the camaraderie that exists between the borders, children learn to come forward to encourage each other and stand with their peers whenever needed. This helps to instill in them some crucial life skills like team spirit, collaboration, communication, and more.

  1. Academic Proficiency:

Students can easily connect with mentors and clear their doubts. It is one-to-one interaction that makes them competent to ace the exams. Progress of the students is more effective and continuous. They remain engrossed in academics and distractions are eliminated.

At GD Goenka Signature School the students are provided with all the facilities that would equip them with life skills and broaden their horizons. It provides opportunities to engage themselves in a number of fun-filled, interesting activities. We are among the best boarding schools in India Browse through the website for more information.



As a child progresses in age and development, we might think of all available schooling options. But just getting any education in today’s world is no longer an option; in today’s world, we all are searching for a comprehensive learning environment that looks after not just academic excellence but also the all-around development of a child.

Unlike usual schools, in independent boarding schools’ children live away from home inside a campus where they have their classes together, meals together, and live-in common housing.

Children go home during summer holidays, between grades and some schools even allow children to go during festivals to visit their parents or relatives.

When we talk about independent boarding schools it’s definitely is a good approach for shaping a child’s future in a better way than usual schools do. So, there is no way to make a broad conclusion as to whether boarding schools are good or bad. Each child has individual needs and each school has a unique mission statement and vision. The trick is to find a school that matches a child’s temperament and needs.

Boarding schools make growing kids more independent and self-reliant adults as they learn to solve daily problems on their own like waking up for school at a particular time, washing uniforms on their own, managing them well in an organized way, and ironing them, etc.

They are from a very naive age not dependent upon their parents neither their siblings. This nature of independence instills a feeling of confidence in them whether it’s when they are supposed to take some individual decision or they have to lead a team, they never hesitate. They just decide and they do it with no fear of failure. Living inside the campus, children can reach out for help regarding their studies at any given time which helps them excel in education. Boarding schools can help set-up up school preparation for students who struggle with certain concepts.

After school, children are exposed to a multitude of activities which ensures the overall development of a child’s mind and body as along with studies they engage themselves in many cultural and physical activities. Since it’s all included in the school’s curriculum so it’s a balance of education and fun.

All of this definitely makes boarding schools a perfect match for a child’s better future.

GD Goenka Signature School is one of the top residential schools offering a conducive and informative environment to the students for their holistic development. We follow a distinct approach to holistic learning. Our teaching faculty and staff prioritize helping each student to reach their highest potential through a thorough knowledge of life skills and academics. We are amongst the best boarding school in India.


Boarding School

Boarding schools for troubled teens combine individualized therapy, social activities, and academics so that teenagers live in a place that is structured and away from their current negative behaviors, friends, and influences. Oftentimes, these therapeutic boarding schools are separated by gender, so that both troubled boys and struggling girls each get the specific help needed. In these troubled teen boarding schools, professional help is offered for teens to heal from trauma, learn how to cope and overcome difficulties, and discover more about themselves.

Teenagers today face a variety of challenges- Emotional, behavioral, and psychological state issues, which may lead them to behave badly, affecting their ability to try to do well in class, hold down employment, and stay out of legal trouble. It’s when any of these issues interfere with their healthy progression through adolescence, then therapeutic boarding schools could also be the simplest place to urge professional help for troubled teens. Many of the problems overlap multiple categories, a number of which are mentioned below and are highlighted as troubled teen issues:


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma (or PTSD)
  • Obsessive thoughts


  • Underperforming in school
  • School refusal
  • Loss of interest in school or extra-curricular activities
  • Learning differences or disabilities


  • Self-harm
  • Impulsive or risk-taking behaviors
  • Substance use or abuse
  • Compulsive behaviors

With structure and discipline, 24/7 care, first-class facilities, and youngsters their own age around, private boarding school is often the prospect for what parents describe as “difficult” teens to point out a change in heart and behavior. a top-quality school offers students the chance to find out the worth of mature deciding, responsibility, accountability, and ownership.

But boarding school does not only provide an opportunity for top-quality education and structure – but it’s also a chance to create positive social and life skills, which might be the explanation for a number of the tensions in your household. As students sleep in shared accommodation, often during a dorm-like setting, they live socially a day, in an environment where they will learn social skills like teamwork, communication, camaraderie, and friendship.



GD Goenka Signature School, was established within the year 2016 and henceforth, has paved its thanks to the highest , earning its reputation as ‘The most premium school in Delhi NCR’

Searching for the simplest school in Delhi NCR? Look no further, as GDGSS is that the leading the sector and can still do so, within the decades to return . Here’s why-


Located a couple of kilometres faraway from the guts of the millennium city ‘Gurgaon’, GD Goenka Signature school may be a pristine location in itself, surrounded by lush green spaces along side access to pollution free surroundings, sprawling over a huge area of 20 acres.


GD Goenka Signature school provides a commendable niche to the international students, also because the out-station students, belonging to the various states of India. Keeping the spirit of multiculturism and secularism alive, GD Goenka Signature private school firmly believes in the amalgamation of various cultures, and it actively promotes the accommodation of cultural diversity and ethnicity, within the varsity campus.

  1. The Important WORLD CURRICULUM

The GD Goenka Signature School  may be a proud initiator and implementor of the ‘Real World Curriculum’ – specially designed to foster the requirements of this and therefore the future era supported an intellectually multi-faceted heartbeat. the important World Curriculum offers a diversified academic and co-curricular program, that specializes in general personality development with emphasis on the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being of the scholar.


The school has been a recipient of the simplest Infrastructure Award 2019, thanks to its impeccably built and thoroughly designed infrastructure. At the guts of the varsity , flows ‘The river of knowledge’- which symbolises the never-ending quest because knowledge features a beginning, but without stopping . Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.

-The Academic Block hosts the Montessori Early Years, primary, middle, senior and senior lyceum programmes. Each programme caters to the specifically designed developmental stages, ranging from infancy till Young adulthood, under the guidance of well-qualified and experienced mentors. the tutorial Block contains well-equipped and centrally air conditioned classrooms, The Resource centre (Library), The MUN room, The multi-purpose auditorium, Laboratories just like the Robotics Lab, Mathematics lab etc.

-The Cultural Hub may be a culmination of well-designed rooms so as to spotlight the student’s interests within the co-curricular areas like Music, Dance, Theatre, Art etc. the varsity provides training in both Indian also as Western music and dance forms.

-The Sports Complex is cover a huge indoor area of 60,000 sq. feet. Sports are an important a part of the student’s overall growth and development. GD Goenka Signature school provides sort of sports facilities, starting from an inside swimming bath , badminton, basketball, squash and tennis courts, football and cricket ground also as Skating and Multi-purpose sports room. the scholars learn Taekwondo and Yoga so as to determine control over the mind, body and soul.


GD Goenka Signature School provides Day, .Weekly and Full Boarding facilities.

The school secures that the scholars receive a premium world class experience along side additional innumerable facilities. The House parents corroborate that each single student receives the heat , nurture and care along side taking care of the student’s overall well-being. The House Parents regularly inspect the hostel and ensures that the code of conduct is being rigorously followed. Bullying is strictly prohibited within the school campus.

– Premium suites

The luxurious and cozy suites are effectively designed to offer a profound feeling of being reception , while being faraway from home. The centrally air-conditioned boarding rooms provide individual space for self-study, storage and rest along side attached washrooms with shower and toilet facilities. the whole campus is Wi-fi enabled and every student can easily connect with their guardians via Skype, Zoom etc .

– Infirmaries

Safety is that the topmost priority at the boarding school  and therefore the qualified medical staff leave no stone unturned in providing care services and medications to the scholars , just in case of any medical emergency. the varsity has two infirmaries and features a traffic jam with Artemis Hospital, with an ambulance facility available 24×7.

– Recreation Room

“Recreation and diversion are as necessary to our well-being because the more serious pursuits in life.” – Young

The boarders are entitled to common rooms, located on every floor within the hostel. These rooms function a lounge, wherein the scholars can relax, watch television, play board games, read books and practice various indoor hobbies of their choice. The rec room also contain a standard refrigerator and lockers.

– Field trips

The House Parents accompany the boarders during the frequently organized field trips and outings during the weekends. The organized field trips are often for an academic purpose also as for leisure.

– Sports and Co-curricular Facilities

Inculcating discipline is vital then is channelizing the energy within the sort of adequate physical activities. Regular early morning and evening sport facilities aid the scholars in polishing their existing skills within the sports of their choice.

– Prep Time

The boarders are provided adequate support in academics under the supervision of well qualified mentors. During this precise time, the boarders have access to the tutorial Block, wherein they complete the assigned homework of the day and revise the teachings taught within the classroom. Prep time is crucial for monitoring the individual progress and improvement of every student on the tutorial front.

– Tuck Shop

The Students can make a sale from the well-stocked confectionery , only amid the House-parent.

At GD Goenka Signature School, the scholars are served a nutritious home cooked buffet at breakfast, lunch, snack time and dinner within the spacious cafeterias. The Menu for the week is articulately planned so as to cater to the requirements of the scholars from various cultural backgrounds and necessary measures are taken to make sure that the scholars receive a diet in the least times.


At GDGSS, Safety and Security is taken into account as an inevitable necessity and is of supreme importance. the varsity has quite 100 CCTV cameras installed in every nook and corner, and therefore the Surveillance In-charge actively inspects the varsity premises via multiple CCTV control windows. Fire-detectors, extinguishers and alarms are placed at multiple locations, within the varsity campus.


The students can avail the transportation facility, consisting of a fleet of exclusive air-conditioned CNG school buses equipped with the worldwide Positioning System, CCTV cameras, care boxes and a water dispenser. For ensuring the security of the scholars in the least times, an experienced driver, a trained conductor and a caretaker is assigned to every route along side teacher in-charges, who maintain the record of attendance during the arrival also because the time of departure .



Launching children into adulthood isn’t simply a matter of creating sure they enjoy the simplest possible education; though that’s indeed important.
It is also vital to supply that kind of environment and support systems, that promote good psychological state and life skills too, building resilience, resourcefulness, and social confidence.

Doing this within the face of distractions from electronic gadgets and phones, are often a challenge, particularly when both parents work. Yet the solution might be relatively simple. Providing an environment during which children and children are engaged, active and interested, is simply one among many advantages of attending a boarding school.

Let’s check out that in additional detail and explore other benefits of getting to a boarding school that are often a positive influence in disguise:


imbibes a way of discipline in children. the youngsters are taught to follow a schedule and strictly obey the principles formulated for them.

Good Habits: Good habits, like sleeping on time, awakening early, and exercising, are developed within the children automatically, once they are going to a residential school.

Independent: during a private school, the youngsters are liable for themselves. As a result, they become independent and learn to not depend upon others for everything.

More Time: The atmosphere set by a private school is best fitted to learning and recreation. because the commuting time, from school to the house is cut, children get enough time to enjoys recreational activities also.

Self-Reliant: Children are nurtured during a secure environment, once they accept parents. On the opposite hand, once they live far away from their parents, during a boarding school, they are doing not have the ‘protective shield’ over them. As a result, they become bold and fearless, able to face any undesirable situation alone.

Students and adults can increase their optimism and improve the way they answer small and large challenges. Optimism may be a protective factor, it can help students answer problems with a way of confidence and a belief in their personal ability, even when they’re under stress.

“Having a positive attitude isn’t wishy-washy, it’s a concrete and intelligent thanks to view problems, challenges, and obstacles.” — Jeff Moore

Studies have shown that optimists experience a variety of advantages later in life, as compared with their more pessimistic peers, including-

• Better test scores and better GPAs
• Lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression
• Superior performance during a big variety of sports
• More job offers, higher starting salaries, and more frequent promotions at work
• Lower rates of disease, and better anticipation



Letting a touch one out early from the nice and cozy and cuddly nest called home, are often a roller coaster ride for several parents, as nothing seems more satisfying than having your baby besides you within the shelter , by the top of the day.

The concept of ‘Boarding schools’, has always been amid numerous misconceptions. it had been believed that the boarding schools are for those students who aren’t academically bright or are too hard to handle thanks to their prevailing behavioral issues. Hence, often this term can create havoc within the guardian’s mind, forcing them to ponder with worry on -Whether they’re making the right decision or not?

It’s time to interrupt this illusion bubble! Boarding schools are better than Day schools, in many aspects- and to not mention Elementary Boarding Schools top the list. During the elementary phase, the scholars are young and more receptive to learning new habits, at an equivalent time they’re sufficiently old to follow the instructions. This phase is that the best to inculcate the great habits and make them a responsible individuals who are going to be able to compete with the important world and make an area for themselves, within the years to return .

Here’s what to expect with elementary boarding schools-


When the scholar is not any longer in his familiar cocoon, he strives to explore and build a distinct segment for himself along side his fellow mates. this is often one among the first reasons that oldsters send their children to boarding schools. With the passage of your time , he becomes self-reliant as he ventures out of his temperature , as he’s conscious of the very fact that he can’t have someone at his beck and call, all the time.


The student becomes independent as he learns to not believe anyone for the littlest of chores and tries to succeed in an answer by himself or with slight assistance, at times. He learns many important life skills way before the youngsters of that specific age bracket mainly thanks to the necessity to implement them in lifestyle .


Under the supervision of well-qualified and experienced mentors, the general development of the kid are often fostered in numerous ways, ultimately resulting in overall development altogether the spheres- physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and social. the scholar is under the surveillance of the mentors and he’s constantly given valuable feedback.


With the amount of expected distractions coming to a standstill, the scholars can easily and effectively consider their academic performance also because the co-curricular activities that entice them the foremost . they’re likely to become better at it, thanks to consistent practice and devotion.


Children are easily ready to outwit their parents, especially in today’s era where the families are mostly nuclear and both the oldsters are working, which leaves the guardians with little to no time to trace the progress of their child and keep an eye fixed on the child’s whereabouts. In such a situation, the fixed routine at the private school develops a way of discipline and punctuality. the scholars are expected to follow the routine, right from the time of awakening till the time to sleep which eventually becomes a habit.


The students at boarding schools are always at a foothold over other schools, as they need additional academic support which they frequently receive from their experienced mentors. the scholars can approach their teachers anytime to clarify their doubts and their areas of improvement are closely monitored.


Most of the great boarding schools, provide various facilities to the scholars like access to sports and other co-curricular activities, aside from the regular school hours. Boarders usually get to participate in numerous events, field trips, and outings that are specially organized for his or her recreation.



Boarding not only develops and pushes you to be a more well-rounded person now but trains you to be a pacesetter and contributor to our world for the remainder of your life. The time you spend together with your |along with your”> together with your teachers and with your friends will shape you and alter you into the type of person who can make a difference.

The famous ancient Greek philosopher Plato once said:

The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life.

You’ll Learn to be Liable for Yourself

Taking a ton of little steps towards maturity is one of the intangibles of getting to boarding school. You’ve got to find out to urge alongside others because it’s a community. You learn to be liable for your actions because you’re bound by an honor or discipline code of some kind. the teachings in life learned in private school will lay a solid foundation for adulthood.

Boarding School Students Are Surrounded by Inspiring Peers

Inspiring Peers Inspiring peers help inspire you to be the simplest version of yourself.

Being surrounded by motivated peers will provide a positive quite peer pressure for all students to feel inspired to figure hard, support those around them, and hold themselves to a better standard. The positive environment will create a network of peers who can assist you study for an exam, push you a touch harder thereon project, and pull through for your big speech.

Boarding School Students Feel More Prepared for College

Boarding school students boast a better rate of confidence and preparedness. They face college with a significant advantage, both academically and emotionally.

Boarding School Students Experience Future Success in School & at Work

Not only are private school students significantly more likely to feel prepared going into college, but they’re also more likely to experience success in college and within the workplace than students who attend private day or public school. they need a better employment rate than their peers who have only a high school diploma. private school students, then, are more likely to urge advanced degrees and gain employment.

Boarding School Students Get More Learning Opportunities Outside the Classroom

Boarding school students display a better number of satisfaction within the teaching-learning environment, but they also spend longer learning outside of the classroom than their peers in private day and public schools.

A word from Author

A private school student spends the significantly larger amount of your time outside of the classroom – and, meaning more opportunities to develop your character and work towards becoming the simplest you. Boarding school students spend more hours in holistic learning as compared to day school goers.



A place where you have to live with people of your age,

A place where you have the toughest days at the beginning

A place where you have to do most of the things you haven’t done

A place that contains a thousand memories

A place that you are going to miss when you leave

A place that teaches you a lot of things”….Humaira

In the present century students are growing up in a transforming world. Technology, climate change, and conflict are reshaping society, forcing people across the globe to adapt to unexpected changes in their lives and work. To keep up with the pace, students must be able to seize opportunities and confront challenges. For which they need education and skills to become life-long learners, secure productive work, make informed decisions and positively engage in their communities. Boarding schools provide a great alternative for building life skills.

Selection of the right boarding school is important where a child can equip himself with twenty-first-century skills. The following points will help to decide that boarding school can provide a great alternative:

1. Foundational Skills:

The students become agile learners and global citizens, equipped to navigate personal, social and academic challenges. the scholars during a private school live sort of a family taking care of every other, managing emotions, empathy and communication which they’ll not develop while living during a relatives .

2. Interaction with Mentor:

To enhance the talents an honest interaction with the mentor is useful . the scholars living during a private school are fortunate as they’re ready to spend longer with a mentor which allows them to share their thoughts, ideas, and curiosities openly and ask questions. The mentors give full attention and private care that permits a student to beat phobia and develop confidence.

3. Advanced co-curricular activities:

Academics and co-curricular activities are two vital aspects of education. The private school provides a plethora of co-curricular activities starting from indoor and outdoor games to art and music. Students get to know the principles of lifetime fitness and can incorporate fitness activities into a healthy and active lifestyle.

4. Future Connections:

Boarding schools provide an excellent alternative because it an area that gives supportive learning environment where students strengthen life skills needed for employment. the scholars develop the power to require decisions and don’t depend upon their parents.

5. Develop Resilience:

Development is important at each phase of life. private school improves the outlook of youngsters and provides alternative pathways for development. Students get flexibility to find out by doing including care and skill to face challenges.


GD Goenka the main target is on 21st century skills, mentorship, activities and skill development courses like AI and Financial Literacy. Our mentors and staff give paramount importance to equip the scholars to manage information, create and share content, collaborate, communicate and solve problems critically and ethically. We are among the best boarding schools in India. Browse through the website for more information.

How To Choose A Boarding School?

Boarding schoolHow to Choose boarding school

The decision of choosing the right boarding school for your child can be a life-changing decision, and it can build or stagnant the growth and development of your child. It is a process that involves lots of planning, research and exposure. Like every child’s needs are different, boarding schools are also different from each other. The one which is good for a child might not be the right one for your child. Therefore, choose a boarding school that promotes your child’s learning ability.

Boarding school is a disciplined communal setting where children learn, live and socialist in a disciplined environment. Let’s have a look at some of the tips for choosing the right boarding school in an informed manner.

  • Explore Your Options Well: One must do and search extensively before finalizing your child’s boarding school. Go through each school’s website and video tours. Read the testimonials and see what students have to say about the school and its teaching faculty. Additionally, explore independent boarding school review websites for more transparent information and feedback.
  • Curtail Your Selection: You should also take your child’s thoughts and liking before finalizing the boarding school. It’s very important for the child to adjust to the idea of going to a boarding school, along with the things he is looking forward to do in the boarding school. This will prove to be an important step in deciding the right school where your child will be spending the crucial year of his/her life.
  • Explore The Learning Culture: You must research well and know about the boarder learning environment. There are a lot of important questions that you must ask the advisors or admission counselor there for a better understanding of virtues and motives of the school. Try to know about a school’s understanding about the intellectual and social needs of students of different ages.
  • Specialization & Curriculum: Look for the board and curriculum taught in school for a holistic growth and development of students. In today’s world, succeeding academically is just not enough. Students are supposed to be well-aware and equipped with various other skills to excel in the competitive global world.
  • Location & School Facilities: Last but not the least, you should study the location of school and look for various facilities they are offering to students and boarders. Safety is a primary concern for every parent, and they should visit the school once to know about their safety measures.

In your research, include GD Goenka Signature School in Gurgaon. We are a premium residential school in India, offering impeccable facilities and exposure to students. Our school is known to be a top boarding school in India for our holistic environment for a child’s overall growth and development. Browse through our website to know more about our school, vision, and admission process.


Gd Goenka Signature School

As your child grows older and develops, you may begin to consider all of the educational alternatives open to him or her. Getting any education is no longer an option, as in today’s society, we all need a comprehensive learning environment that addresses not only academic brilliance but also holistic and inclusive growth.

Unlike typical schools, children who attend boarding schools reside on campus. They attend the same classes, eat the same meals, and share accommodations. Between grades, children go home during the summer vacation, and some schools even allow them to go home on weekends. You must consider which option will best suit your child, just as you must with other schools. There is no way to say whether boarding schools are good or negative on a big scale. Each child is an individual with unique needs, and each school has its own purpose and vision statement. However, here are some advantages of a boarding school.


Almost all boarding school students perceive themselves to be more autonomous and self-reliant than their peers. They must address daily difficulties on their own, such as ordering soap when they run out or ensuring that their school uniforms are clean and pressed.


As the youngsters begin to perform tasks on their own, both small and large, they will gain confidence in their own talents. Children who attend boarding schools are exposed to a variety of activities such as social service, art, drama, and woodworking, among others. Children will gain confidence as they discover what they enjoy and are good at.


The lives of boarding students are more structured than those of their peers. Mealtimes and study periods are both established. If they are permitted to watch television, it is strictly regulated. Discipline is vital for children to learn since it will aid them in achieving their objectives.

Holistic Development:

Boarding school children are exposed to a variety of activities after school to ensure that they receive a well-rounded education that includes the arts. Because it is a school requirement, there will be no problem with a pastime getting in the way of studies, and youngsters will be able to pursue their love.

Academic Excellence:

Because the students reside on campus, they can seek assistance with their academics at any time. For pupils who are struggling with key concepts, boarding schools can assist in setting up after-school preparation. When students study with their classmates, they will always have someone to learn from.

GD Goenka Signature School is one of the top residential schools offering a conducive and informative environment to the students for their holistic development. We follow a distinct approach to holistic learning. Our teaching faculty and staff prioritize helping each student to reach their highest potential through a thorough knowledge of life skills and academics. We are amongst the best boarding school in India. Browse through the website for more information.