Changing Ways Of Education: How Online Learning Can Be Effective?

How Online Learning Can Be Effective?

As the pandemic hit the world, the normal way of life somehow stopped. The way the lives use to move changed, and new changes started seeping in. during the pandemic, the offices, schools, colleges, and any other public place remained closed due to avoid the spread of the virus. This lead to a new way of life, in which people were working from home, and students were learning from home. One of the biggest things that have changed is the way schools and colleges operate these days. Online classes, lectures, and even activities are a normal thing. Students wake up in the morning, switch on their computer, log in to the online class portal, and attend lectures.

Since then, online classes have had mixed reviews and opinions from both parents and students. Some are enjoying this new change, and many are not on the same page. But, one thing is quite clear that ever since the pandemic started, the way online classes are held and the way online learning took place has changed massively.

Ways online learning has changed?

Some many features and elements are added these days to the online learning scenarios to make them more effective and helpful:

  • Self-paced: many institutions are taking self-paced classes seriously. They know that every student has their grasping power, which is why the lessons should move at their pace.
  • Virtual gamification: to teach the younger students, many teachers and the institutions are including games in the teaching ways. This way, the student’s critical thinking, and reasoning power can be enhanced.
  • Learning tools: the institutions are using various learning tools to enhance the online learning experience. These different features are added for both online classes, preparatory steps, and study material.
  • Interface: one thing that has enhanced rapidly is the interface and design of the portals and sites. The portals have more responsive and easier for the students to understand and work with.
  • Reporting: not only the classes and tests are becoming more advanced for the online learning environment. The reporting of the results and students’ performance is also becoming more digitally enhanced and customized.

Advantages of online learning

People have always said that learning is something that should be done in classes. It is true to a major extent, but as time has changed as the way of attending classes is also changing. One should focus on some positives, as well. Yes, online learning can be quite impactful and helpful for students, unlike the popular opinion that online classes are not helpful.

Some of the advantages that one can get from online classes and overall online learning environment are:

  • More friendly: sitting in front of the teacher can sometimes be more intimidating for the ones who are socially awkward. But behind a screen, this awkwardness can go away and, the environment may seem more free and fun.
  • Reviewing: in online lectures, many platforms allow the students to review the sessions almost immediately. This helps the teachers to pay attention to how to improve the sessions and also help in making learning more effective.
  • Flexible: one of the things that online learning has brought to the table is that one can choose their own flexible learning time; this allows them to be learning when they feel they can retain the most.
  • Nobody language interference: many times when in class, the student’s body language is considered a sign of what the students must be doing. But, many times, this can be misleading. There will be no interference of body language in online classes into what the student is trying to convey.
  • More time: online classes give the students more time t think and more time to respond to their teachers. This makes it easier for the students as they will not be in a hurry to answer, giving them good thinking.

Improving online learning

Many parents tend to be worried about their child’s learning. Many think that online learning is not doing the job, and the child is not learning much. Here are some tips that can be followed by the parents to enhance their child’s online learning experience.

  • It is crucial to have a daily plan and a routine that needs to be followed every day.
  • There should be a spot in the home that will be sued to attend lectures and classes.
  • One should ensure that all the lectures are attended, and lectures are not missed due to procrastination.
  • It is important to have basic net etiquette while attending the classes.
  • Take the tests and assessments seriously and do not falsify on them

Choosing online learning is not an option but a mandatory form of learning these days. However, one should not pick on the negatives but should focus on the positives as well. Having a proper schedule and should follow the same to get the most of the lectures and assessments.

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Education & Innovation: The Key Driving Factors For The Future

Education & Innovation The Key Driving Factors For The Future

We all know what the world economy’s key driving force is- innovation. On the other hand, innovation is implemented with the help of education by stimulating the basic skills of critical thinking. It is high time that people need to focus more on education empowerment than just imparting knowledge. The approaches to education should be such that it emphasizes more on the development of innovative capabilities. In a way, we can say that education and innovation go hand in hand in making the future.

The previous & Current mode of innovation

The role of education in the encouragement of innovation cannot be ignored at any cost. The future entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors should be trained using different inspiring approaches to explore the new changes in this world brought down by knowledge. The characterization of innovation was previously based on its linear model that focused largely on the market absorption capacity and consuming scale of the public. This model, however, distanced the uncompromised and free knowledge production.

Nowadays, the innovations that are disruptive go beyond just meeting demands. It is all about generating innovative services and products to convince consumers about impossible things to do without. Together, it can be concluded that innovation, research, and development have been becoming quite multidisciplinary than usual. These are motivated by the demands that are quite complex and intractable, possibly to isolated individuals and research. This method is just another gradual replacement of the previous one.

Education as the Key to Innovation

We have already understood how education in the key driving factor to reach innovation. You can find a very common relevant and common element underlying education and its goal towards innovation. Innovation is like making creative and active use of different new technologies. This includes the psychological domain, cultural domain, anthropological, and even the domain of appreciating arts.

The entirely new complex context of innovation is being understood by citizens and trained professionals, trying to situate themselves historically and geographically to the entire global ecosystem. Education, in this case, is not just about understand a very specific domain of knowledge. Instead, one can explore the different domains while generating multidisciplinary tools. These tools are capable of solving any mission or problem. Innovation can be generated by simply uniting every individual’s power and let them solve problems or expand their learning outcomes.

Summing Up!

With the recent change in the system of education, the world is seeing a massive change. The recent events have also known to be accelerating at a faster pace. New milestones are achieved in the attempt to acquire new learning experiences as well. Many experts are trying to create such a learning experience that is secure and hybrid. It is important to top keep track of what sort of a change is this new system of education bringing along with it. This way, the future can speak words of only innovation.

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Your Children Need To Experience To Learn; Proper Education Strategies

Proper Education Strategies


The kids, while learning, require the involvement of certain little things to keep them interested in a particular subject. That is where the concept of extra curriculum comes, and the rightful use of the concept of it can create wonders while the selfish use of biased marking based on it can ruin the children’s academic interests. Other than that, let us concentrate on the facts and practicalities about which the child psychologists say about the organic engagement of children into studies.

The best way to make the kids understand the concept is to give them space to utilize these concepts in practicality; of course, the start should be initiated by the teacher. The mistakes they make should be considered part of their growth form and not grave of a mistake that is supposed to ruin them before they even stand as a student. No strict actions will be regarded as the way to set enough fear in their little hearts to procure the best of their memory.

Some ways to engage practically

  • Adopt a different teaching style as per the need of the child’s understanding.
  • Include moral education as a mandatory subject for everyday learning.
  • Indulge them in better creative ideas to encourage them to express their thoughts.
  • Include games and recreational activities through teaching and between lessons to keep them hooked and attentive.
  • Support and encourage the acts of your child and suggest those ways to better their talents.
  • Keep a check on their assessments to trace their academic development.
  • It’s the new world of technology, and modernized study tools are available worldwide, keeping them updated to everything that their generation is into.

Special behavior check to be maintained

The teachers should learn what affects the kids to avoid imposing any bad impression on their little students. The kids’ growing stage is one of the most vulnerable phases of their life, and they need most of the attention during this stage. The surrounding needs to be maintained and secured as per the impression you want to create on your wards. Thus, the maximum attention is to be served to the elders’ acts before their kids, know that every action affects them, and learn little things from every second of their life then.

Closing statement

Therefore, the children and quite moldable are up to their teachers, their parents, and their environment that makes up the foundation for the kids. The way you think you can handle these things all on your own, be aware that you are not going around everywhere with your kids. They might face violence and even worse as the kids usually encounter these days the bullying. Educate your kid to protect themselves rather than getting all low for being a victim of the condition.

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Finding The Best CBSE School For Your Child Here Is Some Hint To Help

find best schools in Gurugram

Schools, its importance and the requirements-

Education is a must thing in everyone’s life, and education in a proper system for everyone can only be provided in a school. School is called the second home of every child, and in the homes, the child has to feel safe, comfortable, and independent. So, when it comes to school and schools should also provide children the independence to choose the things which they find interesting to learn. Basic knowledge of everything should be provided, but mastering everything is never possible for any child. So, school is a place where the child can discover their interests and work on it; even school should be the first place to provide a chance for everything possible to their students and encourage them in everything required.

What is required in a school?

A school should always be supportive of every child studying there. Studying not only means studying books. People can study music, art, and participation in sports and games are also a part of studying. So, be it anything and any study, every child should be given equal chances and opportunities to explore themselves, their talents, and their interests. These things will lead to the overall development of children. The school not only prepares the child for the future and the career, but it also shapes them into better human beings. In school, they are taught how to respect elders and the people at the same level. Many people are working; they can be teachers, lower-level staff members, drivers, seniors, juniors, and classmates studying. So, behavior towards every age group and every person is taught, and the importance of respecting everyone is known at schools.

The child knows about self-respect, confidence, and honesty in the school and knows what impact these things will have on their lives and other lives. Making schools and every activity there interesting is the main motive of every school. The use of technology makes children aware of technology, its use, and making them learn its use is important in today’s time. Making studies interesting makes the children grasp learning faster.

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Nutrition Education Is Important; Why?

education & nutrition

Importance of Education and nutrition-

Education has always been very important for every person, and if one is not  getting one, it is extremely important for them. A child from birth learns something, and everything that a child or a person learns at any stage of time can lie in education because education is not just restricted to studies and books. Everything or action a person does is a part of education, including behavior, body language, and participation in things they are interested in. So, learning anything is a part of education.

Education can be done properly only when the person is healthy, and the person can stay healthy with nutritious food and a healthy diet. Nutrition plays a very important role in every person’s life. Without proper person’s health is very disturbed, many effects cannot be seen instantly, but it will surely affect after a while. Knowing about what food is good to have and what should be taken in what amount and many more things.

Educate about nutrition-

Here comes nutrition education. Knowing and learning about food and nutrition is also a part of education. Knowing about what food is nutrition, what nutrient a food carries, which nutrients are required in our body, and what amount is very important. This education should be carried on with small children in their schools to know what food can make them strong and get attracted to them though they never liked them. But when they are taught about what magic those food items can do to their bodies, they will show a tilt towards that food. Knowing what s good too and what is not from a small age makes them wise for small things which can play a big role in anyone’s life. Things that are learned at their small age are very basic stays with them for the lifetime. That is why education about nutrients should be provided to them from a small age to stay with them for the whole life.

During this time pandemic, the knowledge of nutrients and nutritious food is very important. Children who are not fond of some food will have them when they know its importance and how it can help their bodies stay strong for fighting any disease or foreign particles.

Sleep – A Crucial Factor That Optimizes Every Child’s Health

Sleep – A Crucial Factor That Optimizes Every Child’s Health

We all have dreams to achieve. The one that is embedded in every cell in our body is having children and growing them good and healthy. It is beautiful to watch ourselves in our children to grow again from the beginning. We take care of them very well. Parental care is the most crucial care that an individual gets throughout their lifetime. It shapes and molds them. We are always afraid of any problem with them and their health. We take any steps to help them out from their problem – only if we know! Many of us don’t know what our children need for their health. The one factor that is being unnoticed the most is their sleep. Some parents think that their children, sleeping less, and working more is healthy. The truth is the opposite.

The sleep status of most children

We are pre-programmed to feel more sleepy when we are young. This changes as we age. When we are aged, again we get more sleep. If we break this, health problems can be seen. Many parents restrict their children from sleeping early or sleep more time. Children of age up to 12 must get minimum sleep of 9 hours. But they are not allowed more than 8 in most houses. Many problems can occur due to a lack of sleep. This is not known for many parents.

Problems that can be avoided due to good sleep

Many problems can be avoided in our children when they get enough sleep. Sleeping has a lot of positive effects for children. Some of them are,

  • They can think better and show good progress in studies and other activities.
  • They shine well in extracurricular activities and discover their hidden talents.
  • They stay obedient to their parents. They don’t let their minds oscillate.
  • Their immunity power develops. Their Heart, Brain, and other vital organs get to develop well and the children show good health and don’t fall sick often.
  • Their behavior and consciousness develop as they understand better. They don’t make mistakes when they understand the consequences.
  • Sleeping enough can help to concentrate on studies. They don’t sleep when they are in class if they get enough sleep at home.

There are many more problems too that can be avoided when our children get enough sleep.

Making them sleep

Children are uncontrollable at most times. Some children restrict themselves from sleep. They play for the whole day and at night time too. Some don’t sleep, even if they are made to lie in their bed. They wake up and lie there. It is their parent’s responsibility to make them sleep. The most common way is telling them stories. Stopping any sound-making devices can help them sleep well. A good place to sleep arranged for them helps. Many other ways can help them sleep too.

Every parent must know that sleep is one of the most important needs of every child. It keeps their health up and prevents any problem related to this. Making them sleep is one of every parent’s duty. Don’t forget to kiss them good night too.

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Helping Your Little One To Stay Organised Daily

Helping Your Little One To Stay Organised Daily

Running a race every weekday in the morning around your child is the story of every household. We see parents screaming and shouting at their children just as the school bus arrives. In today’s world, people expect their children to be organized and managed to succeed in life. Kids need our help to learn and get organized to perform everyday tasks with more efficiency and fulfill all their school responsibilities.

Here are a few guidelines for parents to start improving the organizational skills of their young ones:

  1. Establish Good Habits: It generally takes about 3 weeks or a month to set up a new habit but for kids, it’s a little easier. If parents get their kids on some regime for some weeks, the new habits will some to the kids. Kids should always follow a proper bedtime routine. They should not sleep for less than 8 hours.
  2. Discuss Organization: The organized regime’s importance must be imparted to young learners. It helps them to co-operate with the ever-changing education system. Parents must be very supportive and agile in their kid’s schedules. Parents must also prove to be a good example for their children. Parents learn a lot from their parents.
  3. Checklist: Give your ward a checklist of daily activities. Having a checklist containing the activities which need to be accomplished the same day is like a start to their organizational skills. The checklist can contain attending the class, having a snack, playing during recess, etc. It’ll help them spend their time efficiently.
  4. Create a dedicated & labeled Home Work folder: From the day they get their very first assignment, make a home-work folder that contains their daily assignments. It is a great organizational habit.
  5. Prepare for the next day: As the child packs his bag in the morning, make sure that the bag contains the homework folder with the previous day’s homework assignment completed. They must also have their checklist of the tasks they have to do that day with them which is freshly created in the morning. There should be some changes in the checklist daily.
  6. Throwing away the useless stuff: Every weekend, they must throw away all the useless stuff of the previous weeks. This includes the previous week’s checklists, homework assignments (those aren’t required now), and anything else that consumes space and might never be required now.
  7. Offer Appreciation: There’s nothing better than being organized. It should be a pride for you that your kid is so organized. They must be appreciated. They should know that their parents are proud of them. You have to be organized but you should not be controlled at all. This will lead to the formation of a healthy environment that will lead to the development of the child’s personality.

Working all day and never playing can make a person intrigued by their work and can make them lazy too. Make sure that your kids are getting enough time to play and sleep along with their organized schedule. This will help them build confidence too.

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What Is Holistic Development?

Holistic Development

The education sector is emphasizing a lot on overall education nowadays as it seems to be very necessary for newer generations such that they excel in all the fields and not only in academics. They have been many debates concerning the overall development of the students by schools and colleges. Holistic development for overall development takes its roots from the school and continues into college. Firstly, parents are responsible for initiating the holistic development of a child. As soon as a child goes to school, teachers start sharing the responsibility of the holistic development of the child.

For a child to develop fully, there are a lot of things that should go hand in hand. The government also has taken many steps and has imposed many rules and regulations on the educational institutions for ensuring holistic development. Most of the schools right to discipline the children and try to focus more on academics which is not at all a positive for ensuring holistic development. Apart from academic, there are many areas which need focus and attention. Schools are coming up with a balanced schedule that has academic and other areas in balance sites that every student can develop all the skills that are necessary for the future.

Why Holistic Development Is Important?

Most of the parents and teachers think that only academics is the key to building a secure future and force the children to study only. Is this alright? Well, it’s not alright at all as only academics is not the key to building a bright future. Every child is intelligent but it’s not necessary that the intelligence can be proved through academic performance. Every child has different talents and interests. the teachers and parents should try to explore that talent and interest such that the children can do something productive out of it.

For surviving this life, every child needs to develop certain important skill sets that can emerge out through holistic development only. Also, the children need to be educated about certain moral values so that they don’t choose the wrong path in the future. When skills such as public speaking, leadership skills, teamwork skills, etc.

Importance Of Sports And Other Co-Curricular Activities

There has been much research conducted which shown that sports activities hold a lot of importance apart from academics in educating a child. There are sports activities compulsory in every educational institution. Sports activities help in building good physical fitness and also various mental fitness skills. Teamwork and leadership are well taught when a child participates in sports activities. All the schools mandatorily made to conduct sports competitions such that children can showcase their sports talent while developing advanced motor skills.

Apart from sports activities, various co-curricular activities are also very important for students to engage in. The government has made it compulsory for all the educational institutions to include some co-curricular activities in the yearly plan. The co-curricular activities give various benefits for the overall development of a child. Every school needs to devote QRS of co-curricular activities every day such that various skillsets associated with the co-curricular activities can develop in the children.

What All Is Limiting Holistic Development?

Apart from various guidelines imposed on the schools for ensuring holistic development, there are many limiting factors towards overall development. Schools still try to focus more on academic performance and ignore other activities in the process. The only discipline cannot ensure holistic development in a child. Discipline is no doubt important but it is not enough for teaching the important skills required for survival.

It often happens that many schools limit the engagement in sports activities and other co-curricular activities and devote that time to academics for making their results better than other schools. This is a major limiting factor towards holistic development in children. This thing should be avoided and equal time should be given for everything.

Every school should consider employing more and more co-curricular and sports activities as a step towards ensuring overall development in a child. Nowadays, there are career opportunities and various areas except for academics which makes it necessary for the parents as well the teachers encourage talent and skills possessed by children. Holistic development can lead to successful careers of children as various skill sets can come to use.

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How To Check For Global Methodology In A School?

Mathology of School

In today’s competitive era, every parent wants their child to be best in the competition, in respect to sports, academics, cultural activities, etc. whereas, every child wants to learn or gain knowledge beyond books and classrooms and much more infield and practically. Parents keeping these criteria in mind, choose the best education institute for their children to get shaped and ready for the competitive race of future and success. This all criteria can be found in schools with global methodology and many schools are adopting this education system for betterment in learning for their children. Global education methodology is an education system that merely focuses on child development with developing skills, personality and developing character traits to become a civilized individual and perform best in the world. To find a school with a global methodology, you should always check for

  1. Stem Education With Practical Learning– STEM is an education syllabus or program, where subjects like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are focused more on terms of the rapid civilization of technology in the world. Many schools have adopted this curriculum but more in a theory way, where students fail to grasp knowledge with a certainly expected efficiency. Schools with global methodology use this curriculum in a more practical way to make learning fun and easily adaptable for students.
  2. Weightage To Students Personality Development And Grasping Power– apart from knowledge gained from academics, it is also important to develop skill and interest in sports, research, extra-curricular activities, games, arts, etc., and additional individual focus towards students to match a particular grasping power in class can create a student a better runner for life.
  3. Hostile Environment Around School– A friendly environment around school from teachers and staff, create a comfortable space to study and be more creative for students, which is also important for a school apart from learning. Individual focus and friendly relation of teachers and students can encourage a student to love education or going school every day with positive energy.
  4. Shaping Individual For Becoming A Better Citizen– Every parent or every citizen of a nation expect a school to be a place where children can come into the real world as a better citizen with morally and overall knowledge needed to live in a society with others. Discipline and moral education is the most important feature a school should focus to shape their students before they step out of the real world.

These are four basic but important criteria to check for schools with global methodology, so you can enroll your child’s admission in a better education institute.

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  • Practical Life Exercises (PLE)
  • Real World Curriculum TM

How To Help A Struggling Student In A School?

CBSE School

Not everyone was born to be the smart kid who comes first in his or her class. Not everyone was born to understand chemistry or write poetry. Every single kid is different and unique. They have their talents. Their strengths and weakness in school subjects vary from one another.

Though the A grade students are always being praised, the B grade students are always being encouraged to do better, the grades below are struggling to achieve the rank that will identify them as ‘smart’.

As adults, we should come forward and help them out instead of pressurizing them and continuously tell them that they are not good enough.

How to Help Such Students?

There are several ways to help these students but first, you have to be patient. Identify their strong and weak areas and have to understand why they are having a problem.

Once, you have figured that out you can proceed. If the students are good at certain subjects, you should praise them, they will feel confident about themselves and this will help them with the weaker areas. Do not force him or her to excel in a subject he or she is not good at that, this will only give them unnecessary mental pressures. Be gentle, talk to them about the subjects they dislike and ask them why. Understand their difficulties and then try to teach them in their way, something that will help them grasp the topics well.

Try to maintain a routine and an improvement chart, always encourage them, tell them they can do it. Tell them that it is okay to not excel in all the subjects, this will give them comfort and they will not tire themselves out while proving themselves. Tell them that they can be the best in their own ways.

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