Outdoor Learning – An Intuitive Way of Education

For the comprehensive growth of a student, outdoor learning is quite important. It can be in the form of vocational activities or even recreational activities, including picnics or school trips.

Some of the Benefits of Outdoor Learning:

Reduces Anxiousness in Students:

We believe that lowering anxiousness is one of the most common benefits of outside classes. It is mainly because of students’ breadth of fresh air. Currently, studies show the stress level amongst students is increasing every day, and it is unnoticed most of the time. Ideally, students also need to get a break from the mundane and see things from a different and new perspective. It promotes positive mental health and also boosts holistic development in the students. At GD Goenka Signature School, we aim to teach life skills to our students through experiential learning.

Helping you in concentrate:

It is astonishing to understand that being outside helps in boosting students’ concentration. The majority of the studies show learning received in an exterior environment can have a positive impact on a plethora of elements. It impacts the overall performance of the students. Additionally, the outside environment can help in improving the ability of students to concentrate for an extended period. When you learn in an exterior environment, it rekindles the interest of the learner in almost everything.

Smart and street smart:

An exterior curriculum to a regular classroom curriculum allows the students to have a better connection with the information which is being given to them. We take trips to the zoo, park, and nursery to help the students get closer to nature and also explore the richness of nature. Above all, such trips make learning more focused and participation. Additionally, it makes students sharper, and it improves their personality overall. Well, a good academic score is also guaranteed.

At GD Goenka Signature School, our focus has always been on a holistic learning approach by giving a blend of classroom training as well as outdoor classroom training. There have been multiple studies that have shown that outdoor learning can teach students an immense number of things, which classroom studies can sometimes fail to.

Having a higher hold on academics is no doubt an essential thing, but in today’s time surely things are different. There are many more things to explore beyond your textbooks, and practical learning is mostly done outdoors.

At GD Goenka Signature School, we believe in giving our students experiential learning, which is the need of the hour. Until and unless, the children have it in them to use their theoretical concepts in real life, there is no point in mugging up textbook definitions. We have highly qualified teachers who have been giving proper training on how to make ‘Future-ready students. We make students understand important topics by giving them multiple outdoor trips which can enhance their overlearning. Outdoor learning helps the students have a proper understanding, by grasping a hold over the topics.

Get ready to experience a different world of learning.