Nutrition Education Is Important; Why?

education & nutrition

Importance of Education and nutrition-

Education has always been very important for every person, and if one is not  getting one, it is extremely important for them. A child from birth learns something, and everything that a child or a person learns at any stage of time can lie in education because education is not just restricted to studies and books. Everything or action a person does is a part of education, including behavior, body language, and participation in things they are interested in. So, learning anything is a part of education.

Education can be done properly only when the person is healthy, and the person can stay healthy with nutritious food and a healthy diet. Nutrition plays a very important role in every person’s life. Without proper person’s health is very disturbed, many effects cannot be seen instantly, but it will surely affect after a while. Knowing about what food is good to have and what should be taken in what amount and many more things.

Educate about nutrition-

Here comes nutrition education. Knowing and learning about food and nutrition is also a part of education. Knowing about what food is nutrition, what nutrient a food carries, which nutrients are required in our body, and what amount is very important. This education should be carried on with small children in their schools to know what food can make them strong and get attracted to them though they never liked them. But when they are taught about what magic those food items can do to their bodies, they will show a tilt towards that food. Knowing what s good too and what is not from a small age makes them wise for small things which can play a big role in anyone’s life. Things that are learned at their small age are very basic stays with them for the lifetime. That is why education about nutrients should be provided to them from a small age to stay with them for the whole life.

During this time pandemic, the knowledge of nutrients and nutritious food is very important. Children who are not fond of some food will have them when they know its importance and how it can help their bodies stay strong for fighting any disease or foreign particles.