What is Helicopter parenting? Signs that show you are one for your child!

Signs that show you are one for your child

Parents play an affirmative and substantial role in a child’s life. From proper upbringing to preparing them for their life ahead, parents are the backbone of a child. However, over-concerns, questioning a child’s abilities, and too much pampering can bring disastrous results to a child. Get to know what is Helicopter parenting by these signs.

Kids nowadays are exposed to intense competitions. Rather than fighting for the child, parents should prepare and train them to deal with life’s situations. Thinking that the child won’t solve issues on their own, parents are blocking the child’s creativity and stopping them from becoming independent. Hence, what are the consequences of helicopter parenting?

Major concerns surrounding helicopter parenting:

Helicopter parents are over-protective. As the child grows and slowly moves from one phase to another, parents should teach ‘’adulting skills’’. While parental participation and connection are also important, what about the child’s emotional needs? A child cannot cope with his or her situations until and unless told to do so.

Some of the basic features of a helicopter parent are as follows:

  1. Although the intentions are positive, these parents think they have the right to control their child at every step of their life.
  2. Over-protectiveness
  3. Extreme pampering
  4. Involvement in unnecessary situations
  5. Not at all concerned about the emotional well-being of the child
  6. Hovering around the child
  7. Not asking about the child’s problems

What helicopter can parents do? Certain situations and their remedies explained:

If you cannot find yourself with one of the above factors, you certainly know what you have been doing wrong. A child slowly develops a space of their own. Very little parental involvement is required here. Parents can come forward and protect the child rather than exploring every aspect of a child’s life.

Here are a few situations explained as to how helicopter parents can help a child:-
1.) Situation:

If your son suddenly comes back from school after a fight with his best friend, what is it you are going to do? Helicopter parents will immediately come forward to calm down the child and figure out who did this to him. On the other hand, the real solution should be like this-

  • Give your son some space of his own. Once he is under control and emotionally stable, go ahead and ask what happened. Understand your son’s feelings. Make him realize that he should learn to manage such situations on his own. Let him explore methods to deal with friendship problems.
2.) Situation:

You tell your daughter what to wear and what not to wear. You are constantly helping the child with her homework. You pack her bags, iron her clothes, and even drop her off at a friend’s place. If these settings are familiar, let’s get straight to the solution.

  • As your child is growing, she needs to understand how things are done independently. Let your daughter pack her bags and iron her school uniform. When you are letting your child make decisions, you are creating an independent space for her. As a result, the inner capability of the child increases. Become the moral supporter of the child to help them become the best versions of themselves.

The real negative side of helicopter parenting:

Are you a parent who is less of a mentor to your child? Do you complete all chores for them? When parents decide what is best for the child, it becomes nearly impossible for them to figure out what they want. If you fix a role for your child, probably he or she won’t be able to get used to other roles in the future.

At times, parents can also be wrong, and it is completely normal. Never dominate your child, thinking that you have full control. Domination will ruin the child and make him or her more conservative. Children can also become less expressive and introverts.

Helicopter parents never come forward to support the child’s true goals. Rather, they set the goal for the child and want him or her to follow it. Is this okay? No, it isn’t.

Instead, set some positive expectations for your child. Instruct the child on clearing life’s objectives. Listen to what your child is looking for. When your child gets a job done, never forget quick praise!

Stop being a helicopter parent:

Helicopter parenting doesn’t support a child to blossom into a butterfly. Rather, such parents want to wrap the child and keep them away from dangers. Exposing a child to certain situations will make them confident and boost their common sense.

Don’t bar your child from living a positive life. Make your child more empathetic and realistic. Once your child becomes confident and responsible, you will win your rewards with the best parents