How To Help A Struggling Student In A School?

CBSE School

Not everyone was born to be the smart kid who comes first in his or her class. Not everyone was born to understand chemistry or write poetry. Every single kid is different and unique. They have their talents. Their strengths and weakness in school subjects vary from one another.

Though the A grade students are always being praised, the B grade students are always being encouraged to do better, the grades below are struggling to achieve the rank that will identify them as ‘smart’.

As adults, we should come forward and help them out instead of pressurizing them and continuously tell them that they are not good enough.

How to Help Such Students?

There are several ways to help these students but first, you have to be patient. Identify their strong and weak areas and have to understand why they are having a problem.

Once, you have figured that out you can proceed. If the students are good at certain subjects, you should praise them, they will feel confident about themselves and this will help them with the weaker areas. Do not force him or her to excel in a subject he or she is not good at that, this will only give them unnecessary mental pressures. Be gentle, talk to them about the subjects they dislike and ask them why. Understand their difficulties and then try to teach them in their way, something that will help them grasp the topics well.

Try to maintain a routine and an improvement chart, always encourage them, tell them they can do it. Tell them that it is okay to not excel in all the subjects, this will give them comfort and they will not tire themselves out while proving themselves. Tell them that they can be the best in their own ways.

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