What Is Holistic Development?

Holistic Development

The education sector is emphasizing a lot on overall education nowadays as it seems to be very necessary for newer generations such that they excel in all the fields and not only in academics. They have been many debates concerning the overall development of the students by schools and colleges. Holistic development for overall development takes its roots from the school and continues into college. Firstly, parents are responsible for initiating the holistic development of a child. As soon as a child goes to school, teachers start sharing the responsibility of the holistic development of the child.

For a child to develop fully, there are a lot of things that should go hand in hand. The government also has taken many steps and has imposed many rules and regulations on the educational institutions for ensuring holistic development. Most of the schools right to discipline the children and try to focus more on academics which is not at all a positive for ensuring holistic development. Apart from academic, there are many areas which need focus and attention. Schools are coming up with a balanced schedule that has academic and other areas in balance sites that every student can develop all the skills that are necessary for the future.

Why Holistic Development Is Important?

Most of the parents and teachers think that only academics is the key to building a secure future and force the children to study only. Is this alright? Well, it’s not alright at all as only academics is not the key to building a bright future. Every child is intelligent but it’s not necessary that the intelligence can be proved through academic performance. Every child has different talents and interests. the teachers and parents should try to explore that talent and interest such that the children can do something productive out of it.

For surviving this life, every child needs to develop certain important skill sets that can emerge out through holistic development only. Also, the children need to be educated about certain moral values so that they don’t choose the wrong path in the future. When skills such as public speaking, leadership skills, teamwork skills, etc.

Importance Of Sports And Other Co-Curricular Activities

There has been much research conducted which shown that sports activities hold a lot of importance apart from academics in educating a child. There are sports activities compulsory in every educational institution. Sports activities help in building good physical fitness and also various mental fitness skills. Teamwork and leadership are well taught when a child participates in sports activities. All the schools mandatorily made to conduct sports competitions such that children can showcase their sports talent while developing advanced motor skills.

Apart from sports activities, various co-curricular activities are also very important for students to engage in. The government has made it compulsory for all the educational institutions to include some co-curricular activities in the yearly plan. The co-curricular activities give various benefits for the overall development of a child. Every school needs to devote QRS of co-curricular activities every day such that various skillsets associated with the co-curricular activities can develop in the children.

What All Is Limiting Holistic Development?

Apart from various guidelines imposed on the schools for ensuring holistic development, there are many limiting factors towards overall development. Schools still try to focus more on academic performance and ignore other activities in the process. The only discipline cannot ensure holistic development in a child. Discipline is no doubt important but it is not enough for teaching the important skills required for survival.

It often happens that many schools limit the engagement in sports activities and other co-curricular activities and devote that time to academics for making their results better than other schools. This is a major limiting factor towards holistic development in children. This thing should be avoided and equal time should be given for everything.

Every school should consider employing more and more co-curricular and sports activities as a step towards ensuring overall development in a child. Nowadays, there are career opportunities and various areas except for academics which makes it necessary for the parents as well the teachers encourage talent and skills possessed by children. Holistic development can lead to successful careers of children as various skill sets can come to use.

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