Impact of Pollution on School & Kids


With the increase in carbon emission, deforestation and plastic waste in water bodies, pollution is putting every life on this planet in danger. The forests are burning, marine animals are suffering, different species of animals are getting extinct, humans are suffering, newborn babies are born with abnormalcy and little school kids are suffering.

How is pollution having an impact on school kids?

Air pollution is the only pollution that has the majority of the impact on school kids. You will be wrong if you think that air pollution is only outside, well air pollutants are indoor as well.

During their growth years, kids spend the majority of their time in school and the school’s indoor air, especially if the building is old, is very concerning because these buildings are a perfect habitat for molds. Moreover, bad ventilation system, water leakage, and pet infestation increase the problem.

We know this sounds absurd but the air quality has a huge impact on kids’ attendance. Breathing in impure air can cause asthma and as well allergies which can worsen the health of the kids and hence their academic performance can deteriorate.

The air pollutants inside the school buildings not only increase the rate of asthma problem but also other respiratory problems and can decrease a kid’s concentration level.

Why does air pollutants affect kids more than adults?

Kids do not have strong lungs, their lungs are underdeveloped and thus they are sensitive to the health problems that air pollution causes. Indoor air pollutants also affect the development of the nervous and the immune system in kids and also the development of the endocrine glands.

Kids also catch a cold and flu very easily and it spreads among them because of their weak immune system which is also the reason why airborne diseases spread among children.

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