The Best Tracking Tools For Covid-19 & School Related Information

COVID & Schools

Schools all around the world have been closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More than almost 1.1 billion students are forced to study from home. In some countries, even more, complex issues are arising, and the students are panicking.

When the pandemic had just begun, organizations were collecting and publishing data about the pandemic’s severeness and how long it can last. One of the major concerns was schooling. It could not be continued until the pandemic is completely over. There are various tools to find and track such information.

COVID-19 Tracking Tools

The basic purpose of these tracking tools is to provide all the practitioners of education and policymakers a way to track the measures taken by different countries. The tracking focusses on education sector data and a few other things beyond the scope of education and tracks public service data. This data is useful at:

  • Global Level: Through the information on how the governments handle the COVID situation, one can estimate the level of spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in that particular area. This data on school closures and other policies can help conduct additional simulations and analysis on the effects of COVID-19 on schooling and learning. This data can help to decide the future measures to take to handle the pandemic situation.
  • Country Level: This information is important for the country to decide when the schools are supposed to reopen and what changes they will have to bring to conduct physical classes.

There are some apps for this information. Some of these are:

  • Insights for Education – Back to School Country Tracker
  • Center for Global Development (CGD) COVID-19 Education Policy Tracking
  • UNESCO COVID-19 Impact on Education
  • IIEP Repository of National Education Response Strategies to COVID-19
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF) Policy Responses to COVID-19 Tracker
  • UNICEF: Situation tracking for COVID-19 socioeconomic impact
  • Global Education Cluster Dashboards
  • WFP Global Monitoring of School Meals During COVID-19 School


All important information regarding schooling and the pandemic can be found here.

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