image 14 November

14th November is a day when children all over India celebrate their childhood and the students of GD Goenka Signature School were no different as they started their day with a very special assembly put together by their beloved mentors.

A very humorous skit depicting the teachers as fun loving and naughty students teasing their mentors and dodging class and home work was a huge hit, as the students laughed away watching their teachers play themselves.

After the laugh-a-minute play, the teachers presented a dynamic dance performance to a medley of english and hindi chartbusters. It had all the students excited and their toes were tapping to each beat.

The on stage program was followed by a fun fair for Pre-Nursery to Grade 2. Stalls were arranged for them to enjoy their favourite activities. Bowling was the first in line where if they knocked the bottles down, they would win a candy. At Aim and Win, they would have to land a ring on a cone to bag a gift. The photo booth with interesting props, ensured that these precious memories of friends and fun would remain with them for a long time to come. Cooking without fire served them cakes and chocolate sauce and kept the hunger away. The tattoo corner was crowded with the young ones yearning to be dressed up and have their arms decorated with flowers and their favourite cartoons. Finally, the Bouncy was generally very well loved by all as they bounced away to glory and touched all new heights of joy.

Grades 3 to 8 enjoyed a very interesting and innovative activity where each student drew a portrait of themselves. This not only brought out the artist in them but also led to a moment of self reflection, appreciation and boosted self image. The added fun factor was the mentors joining the students in sketching their self portraits. the children thoroughly enjoyed making fun of the teacher's masterpieces.

Overall, it was a fun filled morning of bonding, showing love and celebrating children and childhood. There is still a lot to look forward to as the celebrations continue. Next in queue is the Children's Night Out in school!

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