image 20 July
Cooking Without Fire

The students of the pre primary wing actively participated in the ‘Cooking Without Fire’ activity held on 20th July’16 wherein children fostered their imagination by making ‘Stuffed Corny Tomatoes’. Children were bubbling with energy. They prepared Stuffed Corny Tomatoes to display their culinary tastes and ideas. The tomatoes were hollowed out beautifully by mentors. Children were asked to stuff the tomatoes with corns. They happily followed their mentor’s instructions. While pursuing this activity children enhanced their vocabulary by learning new words like squeeze, hollow, stuffed, full, empty etc. They also understood the concept of full and empty. Children developed their gustatory and olfactory skills through the activity. They were eagerly waiting for their turn to make stuffed tomatoes. Mentors explained to the children that it is very important to wash their hands before and after cooking the food. After the completion of the activity, the children relished eating their ‘Stuffed Corny Tomatoes’!

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