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Kites of Freedom

To celebrate the 70th year of independence of our nation, the students and staff of GD Goenka Signature School have decided to invite children from Gurgaon to fly 70 kites, to mark each year of our country’s freedom.

The Kites of Freedom festival is on 13th August 2016, from 10am to 1pm. The festival is free and open for everyone who loves our country. Children aged 3 to 13 years have been invited to participate in this joyous event, accompanied by their siblings and parents.

In honor of the Freedom Fighters who protested against the Simon Commission in 1927, the skyline of the school will be dotted with colourful kites that will remind  us of the times when patriotic Indians used kites as a medium of  protest and wrote, ‘Go Back Simon’ all over their kites before flying them.  The Kites of Freedom event is to celebrate the heard earned independence and to teach our children to value it.

The celebrations will begin with a vibrant ceremony after which everyone present will fly kites and get a taste of open spaces and colourful skies, dotted with soaring kites. They will also experience the kind of childhood they had before the days of video games and social networking! Some of the kites are made by students while others are sourced from traditional vendors in Old Delhi.  Experts will be present to guide children on how to make and fly kites.

The wings, tethers and anchors of the kites will beckon everyone to use the bridle so that the kites fly high up in the sky.

It is time for everyone to come forward and join this traditional activity. The fun filled cries of ‘aai  bo’ will resound as everyone will joyfully fly their kites.

Let the ‘Kites of Freedom’ be harbingers of the progress and development of our independent nation.  Let the spirit of freedom soar high……

To register for the event, please click here.


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