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The Evils Of Pollution
Debarati Bhattacharjee -Parent

Isn’t it very scary to raise your child in an environment like today’s? Don’t you sometimes wonder ‘I wish I could take my child somewhere better’? Delhi - NCR has been in the grips of pollution recently. Over the past few days this terrible smog has taken over our lives, reducing visibility to near zero, covering the skies, blocking sunlight, causing accidents, but the worst of all affecting our health so terribly! So you as a parent wonder what has gone wrong and how do I protect my child against it? Children breathe in more air per kilogram of their body weight as compared to adults. This means that they are more exposed to air pollutants than us adults. Significant mobility and mortality in children is attributed to ambient air pollution at great economic cost to the society. As our cities grow and our population increases, we need to be aware of air pollution and its effects on children.

Are there any solutions?
What would you say if I tell you that there is a school very near to where you live, right in Gurgaon infant and it offers you everything you seek; clean air, a pollution free environment and you a piece of mind that your child is well looked after and in a safe space. Would you say “No Way!” That its “Too good to be true?”

It's really not, there is a school very near to your home which, offers exactly what you need. GD Goenka Signature School, situated in Gurgaon (yes, I said Gurgaon but its clean believe me) offers you all of this and more!

Why World Academy?
The campus is LEED (Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design) certified along with certification from the IGBC LEED (Indian Green Building Council). Yes yes, I know you must be thinking fancy terms and all, but ‘what does it really do for my child’? Well for one our campus is certified as a ‘green’ campus by both Indian and International standards, which, along with being on the outskirts of the city is cleaner than most places in Delhi - NCR. These certifications also aren’t just given to anyone, there are very rigorous tests that one needs to pass to get these certifications. The World Academy campus is full of many building features that help in enhancing the health the students and also protect the environment. There are VRV air conditioning units that are very efficient in saving energy, use of high performance heat reflective glass on all windows and high reflective tiles on the terraces to ensure that minimal air conditioning needs to be used to cool our campus. To reduce our dependency on artificial lights, we’ve made sure that all rooms are rich in daylight.

Our landscaping has been done specifically to prevent soil erosion. Why is it important you ask? Well, in Delhi - NCR and Gurgaon specifically, a lot of the pollution is caused by fine dust particles and by ensuring a healthy layer of soil, World Academy is doing their bit (however small) in reducing the pollution levels. There is a Sewage Treatment Plant to reduce water wastage, a fresh air system to constantly filter the indoor air quality and very importantly, there is waste segregation! Apart from this waste segregation, World Academy goes a step further, they convert their organic waste into manure to help nurture their plant life organically!

Having all these great facilities that too very near to Delhi - NCR is an absolute god send, you can meet your child very often (if you decide to put them in the boarding) but at the same time it is far away from the city that the pollution doesn’t affect your child. World Academy is perhaps one of the most environmentally friendly campuses in Delhi - NCR, giving you the best of both worlds, your child is near you at all times and at the same time far away from all the pollution of the city!

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