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The Most Premium CBSE School in Delhi NCR.

The Signature School invested in the design and construction required to construct this landmark building into a state of the art school facility. It spread across 20 acres of perfectly designed learning spaces in Gurgaon. The campus opened for students in fall 2016 as THE PREMIUM CBSE SCHOOL IN DELHI NCR.

The school provides a safe and spacious learning environment where students are empowered to nurture their love of learning and thrive on challenges. At Signature School, we cultivate the values of mutual respect, personal responsibility, equality and compassion. We promote a healthy, well balanced lifestyle with a diversified academic program with a wide range of co- curricular opportunities called THE REAL WORLD CURRICULUM, implemented by Signature School for the first time in India.

GD Goenka Signature Library

Resource Centre (Library)

The spacious and state-of-the-art library or Resource Centre is a world class facility with ample e- resource, CDs and an extensive collection of literary and reference books on a variety of topics. Each e-station has access to the internet. There is a special AV Dome in the centre of the library wherein students can access information through audio visual aid. The Resource Room also has a variety of journals and periodicals of all genres for students and mentors. Students are encouraged to use these facilities to enhance their knowledge and research on various subjects and topics.


Multi Purpose Hall / Auditorium

To encourage students to hone their creative skills, a multi-purpose hall with a capacity to seat 1,000 people has been constructed. A large stage, professional light and sound systems and an artistic ambience help to draw out the latent talent of students. Performances take place in a variety of places including the multi- purpose hall, amphitheatre and open air learning spaces. The multi-purpose hall is a reflection of the school’s mission to create global artisans out of our young learners.

Class Room

Class Rooms

The philosophy of a school gets manifested though its classrooms. At the Signature School, we ensure that our classrooms are at par with international standards. Centrally air-conditioned, each class is equipped with audio visual facilities which include a projection system backed up by audio aids to assist presentations and interactive sessions. The classrooms are spacious and airy and ensure that every child gets sufficient space and natural light while studying. In the Pre Primary classes, the layout of the classrooms is as per the Montessori Curriculum. Colorful walls and Montessori aids add to the cheerful atmosphere of the class rooms.

A low student teacher ratio ensures comfortable seating and movement within the classrooms. All classrooms are replete with modular furniture and extensive display boards to ensure that students give their best to the process of learning and achievement.

Hostel Medical Room


Along with the Hostel Medical Room, the school also has a well furnished infirmary that is fully equipped to deal with any medical emergency. The school has adequate medical facilities and a supply of non-prescription medicines. A trained nurse is available for medical care and a doctor is on call at any given time of the day. An ambulance is available 24x7 and in case a child has to be hospitalized, the school has a special tie up with the Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon. Primary health check-ups of the students and staff are conducted by qualified doctors and nurses at regular intervals.

Hostel caf�

World Cafe

The World Café is a welcoming place where students sit in groups of all sizes and eat together with their friends and mentors. The dining hall provides a variety of nutritious meals to the students. The menu is drawn up by expert dieticians and cooked under stringent quality control. Eggs juices and organically cultivated fruit and vegetables are also part of the menu. Keeping in mind various religious and cultural sentiments, there are separate cooking and serving areas for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The meals served in the World Café taste like home cooked meals and students enjoy eating their meals here.

GD Goenka Signature bus


At the Signature School, students travel in air conditioned buses which are managed by a fleet of well trained and experienced staff. The school owns a fleet of deluxe air conditioned buses running on CNG as per the directive of the Delhi Government. The School buses are also equipped with the Global Positioning System and CCTV cameras. The buses are equipped with water dispensers and a First Aid kit. The staff in the bus includes an experienced driver, trained conductor and a designated caretaker or nanny all of whom monitor the safety and security of the students. The staff on board has a list of all Emergency Contact numbers as well as points of contact within the school.

The school has a series of Laboratories that aid the child’s understanding of the various concepts being taught in the school.

Computer Lab


The ICT Lab is the hub of all IT activities of the school. The Desktops have inbuilt CPUs and can be easily handled by the students. The mouse and keyboards are wireless so that students can move them as per their requirement. Each machine is enabled with the Firewall software to protect unauthorized access and monitor the work of the students. The lab has separate workstations for the users and students have access to the internet through WiFi, for their projects and research work related to the curriculum.

Composite Science Lab

Composite Science Lab

A spacious composite Lab caters to all the science based needs of the students. It is stocked with world class materials, models and equipment and is spacious and well lit. Independent workstations ensure that the students can absorb their lessons easily.

Math Lab

Math Lab

A well equipped Math lab powered by Jodogyan and the Montessori Math equipment inspires students to explore and learn. All the latest pedagogical tools are used to introduce different Mathematical concepts to students.

Language Labs

Language Labs

The school has a dedicated Language wherein the Language Skills of the students are developed. The Lab is used to teach subjects like Hindi, English, Spanish and French.

physics lab

Real World Curriculum Suite

This lab is dedicated to enhancing the Real World Skills of the students. It stimulates the students Critical Thinking and enhances their Collaborative Skills.

Gurgaon School
  • 01 Free Play Areas
  • 02 Primary Wing
  • 03 Schoolastic Hub
  • 04 Middle School
  • 05 Administrative Wing
  • 06 Cultural Hub
  • 07 Cafeteria
  • 08 River of Knowledge
  • 09 Football Field
  • 10 Indoor Sports Complex
  • 11 Outdoor Sports Facilities
  • 12 Senior Wings1
  • 13 Senior Wings2
  • 14 Collaboration Spaces
  • 15 Hostel Blocks
  • 16 Cricket Field
  • 17 Outdoor Sports
Premium Infrastructure.
Bringing Forth the Real World.

GD Goenka Signature School, with a sprawling state-of-the-art 20 acre campus near the bustling city of Gurgaon offers an idyllic nature preserve to students. In addition to giving them a high quality educactional experience with well-equipped classrooms, it houses laboratories and performing arts spaces and exceptional outdoor facilities. The campus opened for sutdents in 2016 as the most premium CBSE school in Delhi NCR.

The content of the Real World Curriculum is brought to life through impeccably carafted and throughtfully added infrastructure, designed by experts.

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